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Phil Wickham: Response Review

Phil Wickham is known for his timeless praise and worship, and for his phenomenal voice. Now, after three highly successful albums (Phil Wickham, Cannons, Heaven & Earth) Phil returns with his fourth Fairtrade Services studio album Response. With his new album, Phil speaks of being in awe at the majesty of God, and this eleven-track album is his “response” to that. Featuring the radio single “At Your Name,” this album will inspire you to worship and bask in the presence of our glorious God.

The upbeat but serene “Heaven Fall Down” kicks things off, a prayer for more of God in our lives. Immediately, Phil’s vibrant and stunning vocals are a highlight but so is the incredible worship atmosphere that is put in place. “Joy” has a bit of a futuristic feel to it speaking of the ending joy that God has given us, while the heavenly “One God” speaks of how Jesus Christ rules over all. The radio single “At Your Name” is clearly one of the highlights off Response, a simple song of declaration of loving to shout the name of Jesus. No doubt, this powerful track will connect easily with the listeners and cause them to sing along as well.

“This is the Day,” a little more on the upbeat side of things, speaks of the day of salvation, and borrows lyrics from the “Amazing Grace” hymn, making for a very enjoyable listen. And with “All I Want is You,” Phil addresses the fact that we often go searching for something that is only found in Jesus (“We all want something more/ You’re something more, You’re something more“). “God of Our Salvation,” a timeless worship song, speaks of coming to Jesus just as we are and receiving His love and forgiveness.

Definitely a highlight off Response, is “Sun & Moon,” a very innovative track speaking of being the moon and reflecting the light of the sun to a dark world. It also uses other analogies to pray to God our deep desire to be more like Him each and every day. Again, Phil’s vocals were super amazing in this track. Following, “This Love Will Last Forever” is a timeless worship track about the love of God, while “All I Am” is a wonderful track of surrender based on Romans 12, and is a prayer that all we have would be totally God’s. And finally, the totally serene and heavenly “Victory” is a song of hallelujah speaking of how Jesus defeated the grave and conquered the grave through His resurrection. It definitely put a very serene ending to Phil Wickham’s Response album.

Phil Wickham has released all three of his previous album to critical acclaim, and it is highly likely that Response will do the same. You will be inspired to worship along with this gorgeous, serene music as you contemplate the goodness of God and His glory and power. You will also enjoy Phil’s dynamic vocals that only magnify this powerful fourth album from Phil Wickham.

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:
1. Heaven Fall Down
2. Joy
3. One God
4. At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh)
5. This is the Day
6. All I Want is You
7. God of Our Salvation
8. Sun & Moon
9. This Love Will Last Forever
10. All I Am
11. The Victory

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  1. Looking forward to hearing his new album. I loved his older songs from his older albums like awesome songs like Beautiful, Jesus Lord Of Heaven, and many more.


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