Thursday, October 6, 2011

Natalie Grant is an Actress?

You've known Natalie Grant as a dynamic gospel singer with a number or chart-topping singles, including her most popular "Held," but what about as an actress? Yeah, she's making her acting debut in a new film titled Decision, that premiers on the Gospel Music Channel Sunday, October 16th! There's not a ton of information out yet, but you can read the synopsis below as well as watch the 30-second trailer here. What are your thoughts on this?

Ilene Connors and her son Jackson are struggling to get by both emotionally and financially after the death of her husband Steve. When Jackson starts skipping school and getting into trouble, Ilene reaches out to her estranged father, Wyatt Johnson who lives on a rural farm to help. Jackson goes to live with his grandfather for the summer where he struggles to adjust, but the two begin to bond. When they take a hunting day-trip, an accident will test their survival skills and their faith. Stars Dove Award-winning singer Natalie Grant.

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