Friday, October 21, 2011

Movie Review Friday: The Mighty Macs

Opening in theatres today is the new film The Mighty Macs!

The Mighty Macs, set in 1971, tells the story of Cathy Rush. Ever since her high school years, she has dreamed of coaching a girls basketball team. Now that she is married and has a successful husband, she pursues that dream. It so happens that Immaculata College is looking for someone to fill that very job! The problem arises in the fact that Immaculata College's girls basketball team has had a failing record. Their gym recently burned down before Cathy's arrival, so the girls haven't practiced as of recent either. Each one has their own dreams and aspirations that cause them to care very little about even winning the basketball game. But that's where Cathy comes in! With the help of the nuns who run Immaculata College, Cathy is able to raise up the girls to see that trust is what causes a team to win.

Though the general plot was good overall, I found myself a bit bored with it. The main problem for me arose in the fact that I've seen way too many feature films about failing teams, and a coach who helps them see how trusting in one another and in God will cause a successful team. I pretty much predicted the whole outcome, and for the most part, I was accurate in that prediction. There were also at least two scenes from The Mighty Macs where I urge parent precaution. One scene, shot in a bar, was ridiculous, while the other was rather perverted.

But that being said, there were a few absolutely hilarious scenes and it was exciting to see The Mighty Macs go from a losing scene, to playing in the state game against Cathy's previous basketball team! It wasn't the best film I have seen, and in parts it was hard to believe the acting, but if you like films about how a team became successful through learning to believe in one other, you will probably enjoy The Mighty Macs. You wouldn't expect a bunch of Nuns to be the cheerleaders for a successful girls' baskeball team! :)

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