Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FFH: One Silent Night Review

FFH broke a three-year-hiatus back in 2009 with their critically-acclaimed Wide Open Spaces album. Now Jeremy and Jennifer Deibler are back with their first Christmas album, titled One Silent Night. Featuring several Christmas favorites, as well as a few originals, One Silent Night is a stunning album to add to your Christmas collection!

The swingy “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” opens the album, clearly an immediate sensation with the dialogue between Jeremy and Jennifer. If this track doesn’t put you in the Christmas mode, I don’t know what does! “Jingle Bell Rock,” with cheery piano, is perfect the FFH-way, while the dazzling original title track, “One Silent Night” paints a wonderful picture of that first Christmas, “when all was calm, when all was bright.” In addition, the melody is simply stunning.

The gloomy “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” follows suite, honestly sounding too similar to most versions I’ve heard of this track, but I’m sure FFH fans will enjoy Jennifer’s charming vocals. Another original, “The Birthday of a King” is very serene, but the highlight may just be Jeremy’s soft vocals that match the music perfectly.

“O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is very traditional-sounding but has a beautiful string buildup near the end, while the more fun and upbeat “Winter Wonderland” is composed of nice acoustic-guitars and its playful country twist. It also includes a children’s choir singing “The Little Drummer Boy,” which fit the puzzle perfectly. “Glorious Impossible,” an all-new track, speaks of the moment when the time had come for Jesus to come to earth and work miracles. I loved listening to this song (and most of the rest of the tracks) build nicely throughout.

“O Little Town of Bethlehem,” composed of acoustic guitars, is very serene, paving the way for the closing track, “Heaven and Nature Sing.” A twist of “Joy to the World,” the addition of verses taken directly from John chapter 1 was certainly quite enjoyable, and a peaceful way to end One Silent Night.

FFH has delivered another fabulous project through One Silent Night, and their first Christmas album proved to be a fruitful effort. Jeremy and Jennifer Deibler’s amazing vocals, mixed with the wonderful music – at some times playful, and other times worshipful – makes for a wonderful Christmas project to add to your collection. FFH fans will definitely be thrilled with this release!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: October 18, 2011

1. Baby, It’s Cold Outside
2. Jingle Bell Rock
3. One Silent Night
4. I’ll Be Home for Christmas
5. Birthday of The King
6. O Come, O Come Emmanuel
7. Winter Wonderland
8. Glorious Impossible
9. O Little Town of Bethlehem
10. Heaven and Nature Sing

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  1. Good album review for the new FFH Christmas album. I know I will be adding this album to my Christmas list for CD's to get this Christmas.


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