Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Brittany Hargest: Love All the Way Review

You know her as the lead singer of Jump5, but now Brittany Hargest returns with her debut solo project, titled after her first radio single, Love All the Way. Brittany’s dynamic vocals and upbeat pop make this record a real treat to fans of ZoeGirl, Rachael Lampa, or other early female vocalists – and most certainly will become a favorite for previous Jump5 fans as well.

“Critical” opens up the album, and aptly has a serious feel to it, while grunge guitars help shape the track, calling believers to stop acting like problems don’t exist (“We gotta do something quick, it’s getting critical!)” The older-sounding title track follows, as it speaks about the amazing love of God that never runs out. It’s not hard to see why this was chosen as a single, because of it’s catchy tempo that makes it easily one of the highlights off Brittany’s debut.

Deep guitars and fast vocals compose “Slow Motion,” which encourages the listener to keep things going, even when it feels like everything is in slow motion. The simpler, “Miracle” speaks of how Jesus has made something beautiful out of our mess, while “You Met Me” showcases Brittany’s angelic vocals, in a contemplative song of how Jesus met us and called us by name before we even knew Him. This slower track was another main highlight of the new record, mostly for Brittany’s great vocals.

The fun, “I Believe In You” talks of being committed to Jesus no matter what the world thinks, while “He Can” has an electronic twist to it, encouraging the listener that when things get too rough for us, and we can’t save ourselves, Jesus can! The strong “Fire” is catchy, but the hit is the wonderful set of lyrics about Jesus sparking a fire in our lives that blows up and can’t be quenched.

With a slight hip-hop twist, “Bring the Party” is a celebratory track, while the closing track “Put it All Together” seems to summarize the message of Brittany Hargest’s Love All the Way album – that God can take a broken heart and a brand new start and put it all together for us. This message of restoration and healing was very refreshing to hear.

When all is sung and done, Brittany Hargest’s Love All the Way debut is a very solid one! Her wonderful vocals, energetic sound, and positive lyrics combine to make a terrific album that fans of Christian pop must add to their collection. No doubt fans of Jump5 will enjoy hearing from Brittany again!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: September 27, 2011

Track listing:
1. Critical
2. Love All the Way
3. Slow Motion
4. Miracle
5. You Met Me
6. I Believe In You
7. He Can
8. Like a Fire
9. Bring the Party
10. Put It All Together


  1. sounds amazing! i'm definitely gonna put it on my Christmas list...'cause i'm broke, hahah:)

  2. I heard one of her songs and it was a pretty good song. I was thinking was Love All The Way or another song. That was a good review but I wasn't a big fan of Jump5. I am sure her solo is real good for fans of Jump5 or Christian Pop music. Anyways good review of her solo album and I liked it. I won't be her solo album at all.


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