Thursday, September 15, 2011

V.Rose Review

V. Rose’s angelic vocals captured the hearts of listeners when she appeared on two tracks off FLAME’s Captured album. But she’s not a new singer… she’s been singing since the age of six, even being in another group during her mid-teenage years. Now, in her early twenties, V. Rose releases her debut self-titled project on Clearsight Music. Mixed with upbeat pop music and a twist of gospel, V. Rose definitely has a unique sound, and it’s easy to tell that she puts her heart into each track and has an enjoyable time doing so.

Beginning with strong strings, “Not So Average” is an instant highlight off V. Rose’s debut, speaking of not following the world’s desire to be popular and cool, and also reassuring the listener from the start that V. Rose desires to follow her identity she finds in Christ. At first starting a bit chaotic, “Christian Girl” turns into an enjoyable and very catchy pop track, sure to become an anthem for teenage girls that they are not of the world, but belong to Christ.

Made strong by an opening choir, pounding drums, and guest vocals from FLAME, is “Battery,” a catchy and creative track speaking of how Christ is the battery that gives us life and charges us to do His will, and also speaks of our desire to be electrified by Him. “Hater” follows, speaking to someone who causes trouble, telling them that they are wasting their time, and speaking of finding refuge in Jesus.

“Run That Way” is very harmonic, while “Dear Adam” is a slower, mostly string track with very innovative lyrics, God speaking to Adam that he’s reason why Jesus came, and also speaking of the redemptive work Christ has done in us. “In Dependence,” very melodic and catchy with plenty of fill-ins, speaks of being the person that God has created us to be, instead of trying to live our lives after someone else.

“Girl, What U Lookin At!” ministers to girls who have experienced heartbreak in the past, encouraging them to “get your joy back,” while the slower piano pop track “Let’s Go Home” speaks of returning home to Jesus, and even makes reference to fairy tales in an effort to speak of messed up lives that need to find repair in Jesus’ love. “Love Pursuit,” a little more upbeat, is most enjoyable for the awesome guest vocals from John Katina! The duet between John and V. Rose was simply amazing!

Closing the album are the slower, “Forgive Me” and “Cry Holy.” “Forgive Me,” a highlight because of V. Rose’s extremely high vocals that she holds out, speaks to a friend, pleading for forgiveness, while “Cry Holy” speaks out of complete adoration and thankfulness for all that Jesus Christ has done for us.

There’s catchy pop and slower gospel tracks, but the highlight of V. Rose’s music may just be her amazing vocals, as well as the way you can hear her heart in every song. Her passionate and fun music is certainly unique and makes for an incredible debut!

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: August 16, 2011

Track listing:
1. Not So Average
2. Christian Girl
3. Battery (feat. FLAME)
4. Hater
5. Run That Way
6. Dear Adam
7. In Dependence
8. Girl, What U Lookin At!
9. Let’s Go Home
10. Love Pursuit (feat. John Katina)
11. Forgive Me
12. Cry Holy

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  1. Great review, Jay! I really like it. I believe I have only heard one song of her's. Will have to check out this album!


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