Friday, September 30, 2011

Veggietales: The Little Drummer Boy DVD Review

We all remember the sad, but wonderful tale The Little Drummer Boy, right? The famous closing song by the same title has been recreated by music artists everywhere, both Christian and not. But here’s a new one for you – a Child-friendly, Veggietales edition! How’s that for change?

It starts out as boredom for little drummer, Junior Asparagus, who does nothing but pound on his drum set all day long. Nearing Christmas, his parents go out shopping, leaving him home with Grandpa Grape. But because he gets angry at the carolers for forgetting to come pick him up (later realized to be a misunderstanding), Grandpa Grape offers to tell Junior a Christmas carol – The Little Drummer Boy. Junior Asparagus listens eagerly after hearing that the story is about a drummer boy his age!

We all know the main story of The Little Drummer Boy, a little boy (named Aaron) whose parents get taken away by the Romans due to their land that the Romans wanted. Aaron escapes with his few animals and heads out into the wild to be tricked and deceived by some, to meet the wise men, and to find out about the Star of Bethlehem that leads to the newborn King. This sad and heart-warming story was brought to life by Veggietales, and speaks of true forgiveness based on Ephesians 4:32.

But more than just telling the story, Veggietales makes some alterations and additions. Firstly, the story is made more Child-friendly by a happily-ever-after addition to the end. They also know how to add humor in just as kids might start to get bored. Larry the Cucumber, one of the wisemen, makes things hilarious, overloading his camel with too much frankincense, and by playing the part of a Star Wars character! There is also the all-new, hilarious remake of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” titled “The Eight Polish Foods of Christmas.”

Riding on the success of the 2009 Veggietales Christmas film Saint Nicholas, The Little Drummer Boy is wonderful, telling children of the beloved story of the drummer boy that finds forgiveness when he meets the newborn King and plays his drum for him. Ending the film, Bebe and Cece Winans’ very own version of “The Little Drummer Boy” classic was quite perfect. This is definitely a must-have for fans of Veggietales and a wonderful film to have on hand during the Christmas season.

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