Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rush of Fools: We Once Were Review

It was just four years ago that the Alabama-based group Rush of Fools debuted, exploding into the Christian music scene with their blockbuster radio single “Undo.” Their sophomore project proved to be just as successful, garnering the foursome an impressive collection of Dove Award nominations, chart-topping singles, and a great number of fans. But two years ago, at the peak of their success, Rush of Fools appeared to disappear. Due to business matters, the group suddenly found themselves clueless and label-less. During this time of feeling like they were suddenly thrust into the valley, the group sought God about their new direction and where He was leading them next. Coming out the valley brand new, Rush of Fools now returns with their third album We Once Were, sure to be their most successful release yet! The album is jam-packed with excellent messages, reflections on trusting in Jesus, and contemplations on the fact that when we go through the trials in life, we come out a different person. This and more makes Rush of Fools’ We Once Were project different from their previous works, yet better than ever!

The title track opens Rush of Fools’ third album on a high-energy note, as Wes Willis’ imposing, strong vocals are immediately a standout. “We Once Were” serves as an excellent introduction, and a reflection into the band’s past, stating: “We can't stay the same as we once were/ living in the blur/ looking backwards/ we can see that we'll never be who we once were.” Rush of Fools is most certainly brand-new, but as this opening track already proves, their freshness is quite remarkable! The strong but slower “Come Find Me” is heavily-melodic, as the fill-ins prove to be the highlight as well as the prayerful lyrics that God would come and fill our hearts with faith (“In a world that can't seem to find what it needs/ give me faith in a place that my eyes have not seen”).

Wes’s higher vocals are evident in “Civil War,” a serious track about making up your mind to fight for what’s worth fighting for, rather than being caught in a civil war between wanting control and surrendering to God. Co-written with Trey from Echoing Angels, this track was definitely a standout and will, no doubt, be a fan-favorite from We Once Were. With overpowering drums, “Won’t Say Goodbye” is a perfect “part-two” to “Civil War,” speaking of keeping on fighting and not quitting. But once again, the strong vocals were a perfect fronting for this enjoyable track.

The very serene and gorgeous radio single “Grace Found Me” follows with higher vocals, speaking of how grace comes in just before we give up and gives us the strength to go on. Considering Rush of Fools’ amazing testimony, this track is somewhat emotional, but definitely very encouraging. “You’re The Medicine” follows, picking up the rocking pace again and is made a highlight by its many fill-ins.

The fact that it’s time for us to give up control is the message of “End of Me” with excellent, strong guitars, while the fun-sounding “No Other Love” is a great reminder that God looks beyond our faults with His unending love for us. The country twist was a definite enjoyment and great asset to this track. “Beginning to End,” a strong worship anthem is simple lyrically, a timeless reminder that God reigns forever. “The Wrong Things” follows, and is fun musically, but seriously speaks of needing to give up our love of wrong things to God.

With a haunting beginning, “Help Our Unbelief” almost sounds straight from an action film, until the explosive grunge guitars make this the most upbeat track on the record! Also, the adrenaline that builds up the vocals before the chorus is another instant highlight. There is no doubt that this is one of the best tracks off the record, and I’m sure fans of Rush of Fools fans will easily connect to both the message and the awesome rock this track has to offer. The overpowering bass is the highlight of the contemporary closing track “Inside and Outside,” which questions whether or not there is any hope left, and remembers that God has promised to complete that good work in us that He has begun.

It’s great to hear Rush of Fools making music again! Clearly, every track from Rush of Fools’ We Once Were album is an instant highlight. How can you possibly pick a favorite from a rocking heart-felt album that hits home, addressing the topic of trusting in God and having faith in Him despite feeling like you’re in your lowest valley? You’ll find that the extreme innovation, catchy music, and the amazing vocals go together to form a perfect album!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: September 27, 2011

Track listing:
1.  We Once Were
2. Come Find Me
3. A Civil War
4. Won’t Say Goodbye
5. Grace Found Me
6. You’re the Medicine
7. End of Me
8. No Other Love
9. Beginning to End
10. The Wrong Things
11. Help Our Unbelief
12. Inside and Outside

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  1. Awesome album I love it looking forward to getting it as soon as I can :)


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