Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rachael Lampa: All We Need Review

Rachael Lampa knows firsthand that Jesus is all we need. After several years of heavy touring, a number of top ten singles (four of which reached #1), and even a best hits album, Rachael Lampa seemed to be reaching the peak of her career. But suddenly, it seemed that her career was over. Realizing that music was defining who she was, she exited the music scene; nothing was heard from her, until she independently released the Human EP, and a handful of Christmas tracks in late 2009/early 2010. She also got married, and finally discovered her true identity. Her new album All We Need, released on Universal Records, shares her new realization. It speaks of a simple life, one led by Jesus Christ, and going where He leads us. At the same time, Rachael returns to her enjoyable contemporary pop with a gospel twist here and there, and of course, her stellar vocals.

With a disco twist comes the opening title track with beautiful harmonies and an overabundance of energetic, overpowering drums, as we are reminded that “love is all we need.” The catchy pop single “Remedy,” featuring a nice steady piano, speaks of Jesus being the remedy to our problems, while especially enjoyable is the right-on lyrics of the second verse: “You’re my medicine/ relieve my pain again and again/ always take me back no matter where I’ve been.” It also speaks of running back to Jesus when we wander off and being accepted back by Him.

The beautiful, contemporary track “Savior’s Face” has a heavenly feel to it, speaking of how we are all sinners, and only grace can save us and heal our broken hearts. “Beauty’s Just A Word” is clever lyrically, speaking of how obstacles in our life only call for a greater victory: “Hurt is just a chance to heal/ and tears are just a call to feel/ and pain, beauty’s just a word without you.” It is followed by the fun, catchy, and upbeat “No Escape,” stuffed with plenty of enjoyable fill-ins, reminding us that there is no escape from the love that Jesus has for us.

More serene, “Uncharted Territory” speaks of the fear of exploring the unknown places of our life, and has very contagious lyrics: “Never done this before how am I supposed to know where to go from here?/ No prescription, no rules, no direction, no signs that will make it clear/ like the first man on the moon, Columbus 1492/ like baby steps and babies don’t worry, so why should I?/ Uncharted territory…” “Elevate,” still on the slower pop side of things, encourages the listener with this statement: “Don’t let the circumstances keep you down/ You might just miss your chance to leave the ground,” and encourages them to elevate, rise above the circumstances, and change our lives.

From the opening of “My One and Only,” you would think it was destined to be a piano track. It’s actually a quite upbeat dance/pop track, a sweet love song to Rachael’s new husband, as she says, “My love will last forever, that’s right I said forever/ it’s all because you made my heart believe/ it’s something powerful, so indestructible/ it will live for eternity.” Sounding like a slower version of “Remedy” comes “Run to You,” reminding us that we can always run to the arms of our Savior when life has us down or even when things are going just as we have planned. Also, “Feel” speaks of the need for a softened heart, and is autobiographical of Rachael’s story of quitting music to find her identity in Christ. Her soaring vocals definitely matched the music perfectly.

“Two bonus tracks close All We Need -- "Human,” a duet Rachael actually did with Jonny Lang on her independent record by the same name, speaks of hiding the insecurities and hurts inside, and the struggles of wondering if people would still accept you for who you are. Finally, All You Need closes with a fresh 2011 version of “Live For You,” which, although more acoustic than the original 2000 version, was good to hear on Rachael’s latest album.

It is so great to hear Rachael Lampa back in the contemporary Christian music world! Her new songs are fresh, honest, and real, as she shares her struggles, hopes, and the ways that God encouraged her through it all. You’ll definitely enjoy Rachael Lampa’s 2011 release All We Need, packed with twelve pop tracks that take a walk down memory lane of Rachael’s career, while simultaneously delivering a new set of songs that will get stuck in your head, and will make it to the top of your favorites list this year! Fans of Rachael Lampa will definitely not be disappointed by this album!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: September 27, 2011

Track listing:
1. All We Need
2. Remedy
3. Savior’s Face
4. Beauty’s Just a Word
5. No Escape
6. Uncharted Territory
7. Elevate
8. My One and Only
9. Run to You
10. Feel
11. Human (feat. Jonny Lang)

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  1. Looking forward to getting this album. I already love Remedy as it is a real good song.


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