Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Press Play: World Anthem Review

Press Play broke through the charts with their Dream Records debut This Life is Beautiful, but things really took off for the band with their chart-topping single “NY2LA” from their sophomore project by the same name. Perhaps that is why their third album World Anthem follows both the message and the music from NY2LA, bringing the listeners a ridiculously catchy dance/pop album, full of simple yet powerful messages – most importantly, loving others (“Three Little Words”).

After pounding drums and a bit of adrenaline opening the project comes the title track full of techno effects, encouraging the listener to start a revolution: “raise your voice and make it loud/ join the fight and shout it out/ show the world what love’s about/ start a revolution.”  More on the upbeat dance/pop side of things comes “F-I-R-E,” a total favorite from World Anthem. Not only a treat because of its totally upbeat and contagious pop plus the inspiring lyrics to change the world right where you are, this track also features guest appearance from Manwell Reyes of Group1Crew. His appearance was awesome, and definitely added a ton to this track.

“Let It Out” is the kind of track you hope to hear played over the radio at Six Flags – pounding techno drums that make it so you can’t help but dance along. A song like this could even be directly from mainstream radio, had it not been for the message of not holding in what you have to share with the world. Equally as fun and upbeat, “Like Lightening” has superb lyrics, and is a prayer that God would shock us to the core like lightening.

Very worshipful, but with strong techno drums, “Walking on Air,” more on the hip-hop side of things speaks of having a very close relationship with Jesus and experiencing life with Him during all we go through. This track again features Group 1 Crew’s Manwell, only making this wonderful track all the better. Following is the lead single off World Anthem, “Three Little Words,” speaking of the three little words the world needs to hear more often – “I love you.” The harmonies of the more mild bridge, plus the totally catchy pop chorus make this a wonderful single. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it reach far and wide!

“Raise It Up” and “Truth Be Told,” both very full, fun, and energetic have a wonderful message about speaking out loud and not being ashamed of your faith in Christ. “Truth Be Told” also powerfully reminds us to “speak the truth in love.” The vocal sharing of the three singers of Press Play make these songs especially enjoyable! “Change the World” follows, obviously speaking of how we need to get out and make a difference in this world we live in.

After the fair share of dance/pop tracks comes a worshipful set, beginning with “Save My Life,” a gorgeous track about how Christ has saved us, and we are nothing apart from Him. The vocal and string arrangement proved to be the highlight of this wonderful track, after which comes “Give It All,” a strong contemporary track about surrendering all we have to God. Also appearing in this track is a rendition of “Nothing But the Blood,” a surprise that made the track all the more powerful. Finally, “Angels Sing” speaks of the love we have for God, and how wonderful He is.

Press Play’s third Dream Records release World Anthem is certainly a fantastic one! The album, fronted by the totally catchy and enjoyable dance/pop, also features a wonderful share of powerful worship songs. This combination, plus the wonderful vocals, encouraging lyrics, and extra surprises make Press Play’s World Anthem definitely one of the best releases of 2011! Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: September 27, 2011

Track listing:
1. World Anthem
2. F-I-R-E
3. Let It Out
4. Just Like Lightening
5. Walking on Air
6. Three Little Words
7. Raise it Up
8. Truth Be Told
9. Change the World
10. Save My Life
11. Give It All
12. Angels Sing

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  1. It sounds like a real good album from what I heard of it. I was listnening to the songs on the Record label Youtube page and they were all real good songs. I also love that song called NY2LA which is a older song from Press Play.


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