Monday, September 5, 2011

Patrick Ryan Clark: Where I Would I Be Review

If the name Patrick Ryan Clark is not familiar to you, perhaps you should take a listen to his music. This amazing vocalist recently released his Word Records debut Where Would I Be, an eleven-track, upbeat contemporary worship project sure to receive critical acclaim in the days to come.

The stunning string intro on “What Was I Fighting For,” and Patrick’s awesome vocals are an instant highlight with this opening track speaking of surrendering full control to God. It quickly becomes obvious the talent that this new artist has, and I definitely expect this song to become a hit in the days ahead. On the same note, with strong strings and powerful lyrics comes “When all the World Fades,” a prayer that when trouble comes, God would “lead us to the Rock that is higher than I.” It’s a very fresh and wonderful worship track, but again, Patrick’s vocals are simply stunning! “Mighty is Our God” is a powerful reminder of God’s strength, and the choral effects added were quite perfect for helping build this worship track.

Bearing resemblance to Greg Long’ classic “Mercy Said No” hit comes Patrick’s similarly-titled “Mercy,” a cry for God’s mercy to cover us even though we are undeserving. Next, featuring a bit of country guitar comes “Hallelujah, God is Here,” featuring stellar vocals from Kari Jobe. As beautiful as the track is, I wished Kari’s vocals were more predominant. You may even miss them if you’re not specifically listening for them. Otherwise, this track is phenomenal!

The slower title track is a prayer for more of God in our lives, while “Chasing the Light” speaks of following God in every step of the way, “even if it don’t feel right” or “even if I’m terrified.” As can be seen, Patrick Ryan Clark’s lyrics are quite amazing as well. “You” is very simple but stunning, speaking of how all we need is Jesus and nothing else in this world can satisfy that need. It is also quite heavenly sounding and serene, building wonderfully by the bridge.

“The Cup” builds things up nicely, speaking of drinking the cup of sufferings with joy, knowing that God will lead us through every step of the way. Obviously inspired by several Scripture passages, the lyrics of this track were quite creative, followed by “Yahweh,” a strong but timeless reminder of what Christ has done for us, and speaks of giving thanksgiving back to Him. Ending the album is “Because You Love,” appearing to be slow and drum-less, until a nice strong beat surprisingly comes in at the chorus and builds throughout, putting a peaceful but strong ending to Patrick Ryan Clark’s Where Would I Be project.

Patrick Ryan Clark’s Word Records debut Where Would I Be is astounding. You can expect a solid eleven-track worship project packed with powerful lyrics, gorgeous music, and Patrick’s amazing vocals! I will definitely be looking forward to more music from Patrick. It’s obvious he put his heart into this record as his love for Jesus and desire to worship Him pours out of every song. Make sure to check out this record if you are a fan of Hillsong United, Matthew West, Greg Long, or general contemporary worship!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: August 23, 2011

Track listing:
1. What Was I Fighting For
2. When All the World Falls
3. Mighty is Our God
4. Mercy
5. Hallelujah, God is Here (featuring Kari Jobe)
6. Where Would I Be
7. Chasing Your Light
8. You
9. The Cup
10. Yahweh
11. Because You Love

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