Friday, September 2, 2011

Movie Review Friday: Search for Joy (Kenya)

I have been a fan of Isaac Deitz for a couple months now, thanks to recommendations from a few good friends of mine. His excellent blogs, witty sense of humor, stand-up comedy, and video productions are all awesome. But recently, Isaac had the privilege of doing something he has always wanted to do – make the Search for Joy: Kenya documentary.

In Search for Joy: Kenya, the half-hour documentary, Isaac goes to Kenya and explores the way of life for people in this third-world country especially known for its poverty. But what Isaac finds, is that even though these people are poor and don’t have many possessions, they still have joy! Because Isaac is traveling to a village that will take him a week to get to, he stops at other spots along the way, including the market, and to help make a Kenyan dinner in a soup kitchen. It was humorous to watch Isaac learn to make food the Kenyan way, especially when they close the windows and doors to make the American equivalent of tortilla rolls!

It was also cool to watch Isaac make friends with the marketers. As one of them said, most Americans they see don’t want to buy anything, but only to look. Isaac, however, took the time to chat with them. Some other interesting events happen along the way, including being called names for not being interested in an offer, something that Isaac only made light of and went on.

Because the documentary focuses on the joy the people of Kenya have, even though they are poor, there is quite a bit of humor in this short documentary. First, Isaac goes into a Kenyan bookstore and talks about the difference between their English language and ours, which was definitely one of my favorite scenes from the film. He also explains to the Kenyans he works with in the kitchen what sunscreen and tanning beds are, much to their entertainment. Isaac also enters a Kenyan prison, in which he watches the gospel shared and music sung to the glory of God. It was quite an awesome sight!

It’s half-hour, but Search for Joy: Kenya is one of the most awesome documentaries I have seen in a while. It’s the mix of Isaac’s humor, seeing culture differences, and seeing the joy that people in this poor third-world country have that makes this documentary totally worth the watch!

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  1. Wow, that's great! And I loved that remark at the end of the teaser!


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