Friday, September 23, 2011

Movie Review Friday: Bibleman -- "Lambasting the Legions of Laziness"

If you knew me when I was ten years old, one thing you would have noticed about me right away is that I loved Bibleman! I owned as many episodes as I could get my hands on, and borrowed episodes from friends to make sure I didn’t miss a single one. Then, in 2006, Bibleman underwent a change, and began the new series –  Powersource, designed specifically for younger children ages 6-10. Less action made the films more child-friendly, and adding new characters plus getting new armors made for a very cool change. I recently had the chance to watch Powersource series film Lambasting the Legions of Laziness.

The first thing that caught my attention about Lambasting the Legions of Laziness was the excellent topic. Based on Proverbs 18:9, “The person who is slack in his work is just like a person who destroys,” the message is definitely relevant to the young audience. Next up is the cool choice of villains, especially for the Slacker who looks too much like Santa Claus and can’t seem to stay awake long enough to carry out all his plans. His evil Laser of Laziness makes children “too tired” to come to the local Bible study. He even causes trouble for the Bible Adventure Team! Through the power of prayer, the team learns the importance of working diligently. You also won’t want to miss Bibleman’s showdown with the Super Pro Gamemaster II, a villain who plays games in his head and uses a joystick to cause trouble everywhere.

Lambasting the Legions of Laziness has to have been one of the best Bibleman titles I’ve seen in a while. There are various settings, characters, and plots, making for a film that never loses your interest. But most importantly, the powerful message of fighting laziness, based on Proverbs 18:9 sticks out the most, loud and clear. If you’re a Bibleman fan, or haven’t seen Bibleman titles in a while, Lambasting the Legions of Laziness is a film for you!

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