Saturday, September 24, 2011

Micah Massey: Kingdom Review

After your first listen through Micah Massey’s debut project Kingdom, it is hard to believe that the polished singer/songwriter is only 24! Recently married too, his songs are already widely known, being sung throughout the world, including such places as Hillsong, Lakewood, and Planetshakers to name a few! But now, Micah delivers his own album, asking the important question: What is really important? At the end of time, what is it that really matters?

After a 30-second serene intro, the album opens with “You Are the Way,” an upbeat track with catchy backing guitar riffs, as it speaks of how Jesus is the way, the Truth, and the life. Equally as upbeat comes “You Never Fail,” speaking of waiting on the Lord even through the troubled times. Both of these opening worship anthems were quite refreshing, and it’s cool to hear upbeat, catchy worship music.

Mostly made up of piano is “Like a Child,” a gorgeous prayer that God would help us to have faith like a little child. Very simple lyrically, Micah’s voices are definitely accentuated through this tranquil track. Very similar musically is the following track, “Purpose,” borrowing lyrics from Psalm 20:7, and adding these inspiring lyrics: “'Cause without You, my life just makes no sense/ You're my purpose, reason to live/ I don't believe, that I'm coincidence/ You're my purpose, reason to live/ reason to live…” It builds closer to the end into a heavenly instrumental with choral effects.

“Lift Up” is a rocking anthem, a song of praise that God redeemed us and has called us his children, and allowing us to call Him our Father. Due to its high-energy level, this track is totally comparable to Hillsong United, and one that will make you want to get up on your feet and dance. “First Place” follows, very catchy melodiously, speaking of drawing near to Jesus, our first love.

More on the upbeat side of things, “Your Hands” reminds us that when all else fails, God’s hands will still hold us, while “Coming Alive,” filled with strong drums, speaks of being renewed into the person God desires for us to be. Then, closing up the album on a slower note, is the summarizing title track that speaks of how empires will rise and fall, but God’s kingdom will remain. It also encourages us to seek what really matters, instead of wasting our life on useless things.

Micah Massey’s Kingdom debut is most certainly a good one! The message of investing in what lasts, as well as remembering the hope that God has given us is very encouraging, and the musical diversity is quite an enjoyable listen. Even if you’ve never heard the name before, be sure to pick up Micah’s album if you’re a fan of Hillsong worship or the like. This album is an incredible worship experience!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: February 22, 2011 

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. You are the Way
3. You Never Fail
4. Like a Child
5. Purpose
6. Lift Up
7. First Love
8. Your Hands
9. Coming Alive
10. Kingdom

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