Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Manic Drive: EPIC Review

Manic Drive has always been known for their creative and innovative music as well as their rocking shows. But after releasing three albums (Blue, Reset and Rewind, Reason for Motion) the band found several of their singles suddenly topping Christian radio charts! Among the many, “Music” and “Walls” helped jump Manic Drive to the forefront of Christian rock, for their unique and pop-flavored rock. Also securing several deals, including management, national distribution, and ministry partnership with Compassion International, Manic Drive is now ready for the release of their fourth album Epic. With Epic, the band builds on their successes, and readies for their best release yet all the while making for a fun and catchy album with a strong message of getting up and getting going.

After a one-minute adrenaline-filled intro with electronic effects comes the opening track “Count of 1-2-3.” Immediately catching your attention, Shawn’s clear vocals are amazing, as is the synthetic drumbeat. Such a fun opening track, the deep meaning can be found in the bridge which speaks of rising up “on the count of 1-2-3” and working together as believers. Immediately following is the ridiculously catchy single “Halo.” With the humorous fronting line “I rock my halo,” this entertaining track actually speaks about not being ashamed to shine your light for the world. Therefore, the single is excellent – it is extremely upbeat, enjoyable, and has a great message.

The title track, “Epic,” follows along perfectly on the same note as its preceding tracks, speaking of stepping out of the ordinary and making things epic. It is fronted by the standout line “Just don’t play the game!” a message of non-conformity that is strong throughout Epic. Following, the slower but still catchy “Good Times” is a reminiscent track of the 1990s speaking of how “the thought of you reminds me of the good times,” after which a beautiful piano instrumental leads into the hard-hitting, “Save A Life.” The powerful line, “It all just seems to change when we see it as a life to save,” leads the track speaking of going out of your way to show people that they are worth it and special in God’s eyes.

“Microphone” gets things rolling again with electronic effects and an overpowering drumbeat. I can only imagine how awesome this track would be in concert, as it is a definite fist-throwing provoker! At the surface, this track seems to speak of turning up the music loud and rocking out, but it has a dual meaning, also speaking of not suppressing what you have to share with the world. The disco track “Money,” also with overpowering drums, admittedly has a catchy title; and based on Matthew 16:26, it’s both fun and serious, stating “I will never sell my soul for all the money, all the money in the world!” Money also features a piano instrumental at its end leading into “Mountains.”

“Mountains,” on the slower side of things speaks of believers rising up and moving mountains together, one at a time, while “Go Big or Go Home” is one of the catchiest tracks off the album. Speaking of taking a chance and picking a side, the disco-beat and crowd fill-ins from the chorus are extremely enjoyable. The upbeat and positive “Positive Radio” concludes Epic, and the highlight is the bridge where we hear lead singer Shawn Cavallo do a rap. It was definitely a cool ending to Epic!

Manic Drive’s fourth album Epic is most definitely an epic album! The Canadian group takes their creativity way further than previous projects, making for an extremely fun and catchy album that will make people get up and dance, as well as get up and make a change in the world. If you’re a fan of Manic Drive, this album is their best yet! And if you’ve never heard of them, you should definitely do so! Manic Drive is not afraid to be creative and rock at the same time!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: September 27, 2011

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Count of 1-2-3
3. Halo
4. Epic
5. Good Times
6. Save a Life
7. Microphone
8. Money
9. Mountains
10. Go Big or Go Home
11. Positive Radio


  1. I really want to listen to this album...it looks great.

  2. Good album review looking forward to listening to this album as I can :)


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