Monday, September 19, 2011

Leeland: The Great Awakening Review

Three-time GRAMMY nominated worship group Leeland is back with their fourth project titled The Great Awakening. And, introducing Leeland Mooring’s sister Shelley, The Great Awakening is a great listen. The wonderful, eleven-track worship project speaks of how it only takes one person to effect a global revival, and encourages the listener to be that change.

The title track puts a good beginning to Leeland’s fourth project, speaking of how it only takes one man to make a difference. Based on an old poem, the track centers around the line: “three awake can arouse the town and turn the whole place upside down.” The poetic lyrics are very enjoyable as are the background choral effects and campfire music. Then, with “All Over the Earth,” the band let God have His way. Granted it is recorded in the studio, but being nearly nine minutes long and adding many choral effects, the timeless worship track is what you could expect to sing along with hundreds of believers packing an auditorium. You really can’t help but throw up your hands in worship along with this wonderful worship song.

The slow and absolutely heavenly “Chains Hit the Ground” is extremely powerful, especially after considering lead singer Leeland Mooring’s thoughts on this track: “A lot of people in my life are going through hard times. But Isaiah 53 talks about how Christ is a man of sorrows, well acquainted with grief. He suffers with us and He suffered for us. I was trying to bring hope to that idea, that no matter what we go through, Jesus took it all for us on the cross.” That message certainly sticks out through this track, which is followed by the slightly more upbeat “I Can See Your Love.” With higher vocals, we are reminded that no matter where we go – whether it be here in the US, or in Russia or Cambodia (as was the case with Leeland), God’s love is there.

The absolutely powerful “I Wonder” features a three-part sibling harmony from the Moorings – Leeland, Shelley, and and Jack, as the trio speaks about being awe of the realization of exactly how much Christ has done for us, and in contemplation states, “So on my face I fall under Your heavy grace/ Here I lay in awe and wonder/ And I wonder.” Following, “Pages” is actually inspired by a poem written by Leeland’s wife Mandy, as it speaks of how God knows all of our actions and He will eventually judge us by the pages of our lives.

“Not Afraid Anymore” is very melodic and old school, being Psalm 144 put to music, while “I Cry,” featuring gorgeous piano and strings speaks of the struggles of knowing that God will never leave us nor forsake us but not feeling like He is there, especially when going through trials in our life. However, the song also offers hope reminding us that nothing will separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord (Romans 8:35.)

The fun and musically quirky “Holy Ghost” is a prayer that God would consume us and work through us, after which comes “While I Sing, ” a hard-hitting track reminding us that worship is not a song we sing, but rather obedience to God’s commands. It also speaks of how many people go on singing while the world hurts and they refuse to do anything to help. Then finally, “Unending Songs” speaks of how worship never ends, and the desire to sing “unending songs” of praise to God. Closing the album, the harmonies of this track were simply stunning.

Leeland’s The Great Awakening project is a stunning worship album! The powerful lyrics, speaking of how one’s decision to serve the Lord whole-heartedly can bring about a global change and the desire to be sold out to the Lord, speak out loud and clear through this project. This is an album that fans of praise and worship music, or those looking for music to play during their quiet time with the Lord will definitely want to add to their collection!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: September 20, 2011

Track listing:
1. The Great Awakening
2. All Over the Earth
3. Chains Hit the Ground
4. I Can See Your Love
5. I Wonder
6. Pages
7. Not Afraid Anymore
8. I Cry
9. Holy Ghost
10. While We Sing
11. Unending Songs

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  1. I agree with you fully. I feel compelled to use All Over the Earth in worship.


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