Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Jamie-Grace: One Song at a Time Review

Jamie-Grace stunned the world earlier this year with her Gotee Records’ EP Hold Me, featuring the blockbuster single by the same title. Her acoustic pop music, encouraging lyrics, and amazing vocals made her an instant “click” with Christian music fans. Now, Jamie-Grace releases her debut full-length, One Song At a Time. The album focuses on seeing yourself the way God sees you, and remembering that you are here for a purpose. But even with fun, and sometimes quirky music, Jamie-Grace hits the nail head on with this project!

The short “Fly Away” opens the album, with effects that make it sound like an old recording. Then, featuring the unmistakable TobyMac, the smash hit “Hold Me” follows, a fun acoustic track speaking of the love for how God holds and cherishes each one of us. Of course, it goes unsaid, that TobyMac added a ton to this track! “With You” is extremely creative lyrically and quite humorous, speaking of the distractions of life. Especially enjoyable is the hilarious opening verse: “My left brain is racin' free/ and ADD's been chasing me all day/ wait, what did You just say?” It then goes on to speak of the wonders of being in God’s presence, with an acoustic pop/swing twist that was very enjoyable.

”Show Jesus” is TobyMac-style musically, and speaks of someone who shines their light brightly for all the world, and the desire to be just like that. But it’s “Come to Me” that sticks out at this point, slowing things down and borrowing lyrics from Matthew 11:28 and reminding us to find our rest in Jesus. Jamie Grace’s vocals were perfect for this track, being low throughout the main portion of the track but showing us a few high parts as well.

“God’s Girl” should remind the listener of Group 1 Crew’s slower music, as this catchy pop track speaks of being totally sold out to God, and being a “God girl” (“I'm a God girl that's who I be/ from the top of my head to the soles of my feet/ I can't deny it/ wouldn't even try/ I'm Your girl In a crazy world”). A piano ballad, “Holding On” speaks of trusting in God’s Word even when the fight is hard and we want to give up. The string backing was gorgeous as was the way the track progressed throughout.

With plenty of fill-ins and a hand-clapping drumbeat, “You Lead” speaks of choosing to follow God’s leading even when there is turmoil all around. Following is the title track, musically diverse and made perfect by the background “la la’s” and the catchy but serene tempo. Lyrically, this title track is fun, speaking of having fun and playing tunes on the guitar. Nothing Spiritually-rich is offered, but it most certainly is a great listen.

“1945” is a bit bland at first until the chorus which is mostly made up of drums and simple guitar strumming. Nevertheless, the lyrics are very fun and creative, speaking of what it would have been like to have been born in the 50s or 60s, but remembering how God placed us each in the time we were for a reason and a purpose. It is also a bit autobiographic, as Jamie-Grace shares through the last verse: “And lovely 1991/ That's the year that I come from/ And I wouldn't wanna trade it for another time/ I love this life yeah/ I love this life.” Lastly, One Song At a Time ends with “Not Alone.” Haunting, and mostly piano, this closing track speaks to a hurting child, telling them that they are not alone, and that Jesus Christ is always there for them.

Jamie-Grace’s debut full-length on Gotee Records is certainly a good one! She isn’t afraid to use her creativity on average acoustic pop to turn it into a catchy track with a positive message, all the while making for tracks that will be hard to get out of your head! For fans of TobyMac and Group 1 Crew, check out Jamie Grace’s One Song At a Time album as soon as possible!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: September 20, 2011

Track listing:
1. Ready to Fly (Prelude)
2. Hold Me (feat. TobyMac)
3. With You
4. Show Jesus
5. Come to Me
6. God Girl
7. Holding On
8. You Lead
9. One Song at a Time
10. 1945
11. Not Alone

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  1. Awesome album I love it :) I also seen a short concert from her in concert with tobyMac. It was totally awesome especially when tobyMac came out and sang Hold Me with Jamie Grace. It was also awesome to see Jamie Grace singing some tobyMac songs too that was awesome too. I got this album and a poster from her too. It was real awesome. I loved it :) Jamie Grace rocks!!!!!!! :)


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