Friday, September 23, 2011

Dinner and a Suit: Since Our Departure Review

Favorite from the Warped Tour, Dinner and a Suit is being audacious with their latest album Since Our Departure. But for those who have never heard of the band, their first question is regarding the crazy band name? The answer comes from Jon and Joey’s (cousins) Great Grandmother, the daughter of Italian immigrants. During The Great Depression and WWII, she worked in a factory making suits. When they became damaged, instead of throwing them out, she would bring them home, restore them, and give them to the needy along with a meal. This inspiring story is the inspiration behind the band name, and the band Dinner and a Suit delivers an outgoing punk/rock sound sure to please the listener through their latest project Since Our Departure.

Beginning with strong guitars, Dinner and a Suit is immediately a sensation, as the opening track speaks of how love is always worth the risk (“Love Is Risky”). “Too Late” follows, first a hit for its beautiful piano, but it progresses nicely throughout, to speak to a confused soul of how Christ has made us new and “it’s not too late to run away.” “Looking Forward” has a Switchfoot sentiment to it, as even the vocals sound similar! This catchy punk/rock track speaks of “picking up the pace, because life is just a race.”

“Where We Started” is a track of regret, and a plea for forgiveness. Therefore, the music of this track is slower, more made up of piano than guitar rock. It does, however, build very well throughout. “Let Everyone Who Has a Voice” follows, an instrumental with angelic choirs, very serene and most definitely a highlight from Since Our Departure.

The solid “New Year” speaks of how Christ is our peace when all seems to be crashing down around us, while the musically downbeat and serious “It’s Not Over” gives encouragement to the listener who feels like giving up, reminding them that “it’s not over/ we’re just getting started.” The choral effects that came in made this track very beautiful and somewhat emotional.

The catchy pop track “Sense and Senses” is a relationship track, speaking of someone who has a love they are trying to make feel worth it, but is fronted by the memorable line: “Patience my dear/ things will become clear.” “Waking or Sleeping,” a beautiful piano instrumental with a futuristic touch to it leads into the closing track “Seeing Clearly.” This enjoyable closing track speaks of opening your eyes and seeing that “it was only a clever disguise/you were hiding behind reciting the lines/now that I’ve opened my eyes.” The standout line from this closing track is the short bridge: “the only thing worse than living in the darkness/ is seeing the light and running from it.”

Dinner and a Suit does more in ten tracks then most bands could do in an album of fifteen! A great mixture of punk/rock, catchy pop, two instrumentals, and even a nice variation of relationship lyrics with excellent lyrics of trusting Jesus – all these make for a great, unpredictable listen. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to pick up at your Christian bookstore, be sure to check out Dinner and a Suit’s Since Our Departure album! These guys have a lot of promise.

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: August 30, 2011

Track listing:
1. Love Is Risky
2. Too Late
3. Looking Forward
4. Where We Started
5. Let Everyone Who Has a Voice, Sing
6. New Year
7. It’s Not Over
8. Sense and Senses
9. Waking or Sleeping
10. Seeing Clearly

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