Monday, September 5, 2011

Broken: A Musical Review

You’ve seen a lot of musicals, but how about a musical featuring the popular Christian artists Callann Lane, Nate Sallie, Darrell Vanzant, and Shawn Cavallo (lead singer of Manic Drive)? Yeah, it’s called Broken: A Musical, and besides being a great presentation with incredible music, Broken: A Musical addresses a very important topic of finding healing for a broken heart through the love of Jesus.

Broken: A Musical tells the story of Callann Lane (played by herself), a girl who grows up and experiences heartbreak and hardship. Besides her parents getting divorced around Christmas time, and Satan giving her “toys” to cover her anger, Callann has a hard time fitting in at school. When it appears she finally finds a friend, her boyfriend (played by Manic Drive’s Shawn Cavallo) only breaks her heart and soon breaks up with her. Bitterness and jealousy ruin any remaining friendships Callann has, but she covers up her mess by running away from her hurt and brokenness. When it seems like no one else can help, Jesus comes in and heals her broken heart, dealing with one issue at a time, until Callann’s heart is restored and she can again enjoy her family, friends, and the life that God gave her.

Broken: A Musical is a wonderful story of how God can take the hardest and most broken heart and restore it through His love. It addresses teen struggles of relationships head-on, but also manages to keep the content clean and viewer-friendly. It helps the viewer see that by surrendering their worries and cares to God one at a time, He is able to work through our storms in life and bring the sunshine. Overall, Broken: A Musical was an awesome watch. Besides watching familiar artists do a stage play and the terrific music (especially the lead track “Rise,” performed by Callann Lane), the topic that Broken: A Musical addresses is awesome. It doesn’t shy away from addressing teen struggles, allowing them to watch this musical and walk away with a lot to think about. For those struggling with these issues, they will see that Jesus truly cares for them and longs to heal the brokenhearted.

Also available with Broken: A Musical is the official soundtrack featuring all the wonderful tracks that appeared on the musical plus more, and the youth curriculum kit to be released soon. Check out more about this musical, the artists in it, plus get free downloads and more at!

Watch the premier on JCTV, September 5th at 7 PM EST!

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