Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Brad Kahler: Between Here & There Review

This past June, I had the chance to see a Rochester, NY based worship group by the name of Isaiah 6. Having never heard of them before, I thoroughly enjoyed their set and went to their merch table, where I had the chance to meet the band and learn of one of the member’s solo projects. Brad Kahler, signed to New York’s Amani Records, released his solo project Between Here & There, back in 2008. His twelve-track album is a wonderful project to add to your collection for play during your quiet time with the Lord. Featuring Brad’s rendition of “I Need Thee,” featuring background vocals and musical talents of Brad’s wife Erin, plus Evan and Derek from Isaiah 6, Brad’s solo project Between Here & There is simply an amazing worship project!

After a nice musical instrumental, the simple but beautiful “Reconcile Our Hearts” speaks of how Jesus, who knew no sin became sin and reconciled us with God. It was awesome how Brad took II Corinthians 5:15-21 and put it into a song, after which a short a cappella with the same message follows. The psalm-like “Jesus, You’re All I Need” is a timeless worship track and prayer for more of Jesus in our lives.

The slow swing track “Here I Am” is a beautiful track of surrender, followed immediately by “I Want to Know You,” borrowing lyrics from Philippians 3:1-10. The latter track, probably my favorite from Brad Kahler’s Between Here & There project, speaks of counting all things as loss to know God more. Brad’s performance of “I Need Thee” follows, and his serene vocals make this a wonderful rendition of this gorgeous hymn.

In “There Is No One Like You,” Brad encourages the listener to remember the ultimate sacrifice that God made for us. “Right By Your Side,” a gorgeous track made up mostly by violins, is a sweet love song to Brad’s wife Erin, promising to always stay by her side. It also showed off Brad’s wonderful vocals.

“Save Us” is an adaptation of Titus 3, with timeless yet profound lyrics, especially from the chorus: “Kindness and love has made a way/ innocent blood was shed to save us.” Featuring a banjo, “Strange Things” is a very creative track, especially lyrically. It speaks of how Christ has turned our lives around, retelling miracles Jesus performed in the gospels: “Walked through the water on dry ground to the other side/ and I said, ‘This is life.’/ Into the wilderness, into the test of faith/ and how it tested mine/ I needed water, needed many things/ but You never let me fall/ came to oasis, came to a place of rest/ but You quickly led me on/ strange things started happ’nin’.”

“Overwhelmed” speaks of being overwhelmed at the presence of God, and reopens into a beautiful people instrumental. It seems that this track was perfect to precede the closing track “Glory.” Based on Exodus 33:11-19, this beautiful track is a prayer that God would show us His glory, based on Moses’ cry for more of God.

I very much enjoyed hearing Brad Kahler’s Between Here & There project. Painting a wonderful picture of God’s redemptive work for us, as well as crying out for more of God, and even including a love song and a hymn rendition, there is much variation on this project. Brad’s wonderful vocals in addition to the peaceful music make this a project perfect for play during your time with the Lord!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: December 14, 2008

Track listing:
1. To Reconcile Our Hearts
2. To Reconcile Prelude
3. Jesus You’re All I Need
4. Here I Am
5. I Want to Know You
6. I Need Thee
7. There Is No One Like You
8. Right By Your Side
9. Save Us
10. Strange Things
11. Overwhelmed
12. Glory


  1. one of my favorite albums!!! i lost it thought. where can I buy another one?

  2. It's on sale right now at Amani Records for just $5.99! Hope that helps :)



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