Monday, September 12, 2011

Book Review: The Story of Your Life

Matthew West wants you to know that the story of your life is worth telling. In March of 2010, when he asked fans to send in their stories for his new record The Story of Your Life, he was overwhelmed with over 10,000+ stories of people just like you! Only being able to fit 11 songs on an album, Matthew partnered with author and speaker, Angela Thomas, to bring you The Story of Your Life: Inspiring Stories of God at Work In People Just Like You.

This 224-page book features 52 stories and companion devotionals – one for each week of the year. You’ll laugh and cry as you read these inspiring stories of what God has done in other people’s lives, including several of the stories that made up the songs from The Story of Your Life CD. There are also stories of adoption, people learning that they don’t have to carry the family baggage, people who have been abused and found healing, people who learned that God is their Father, and plenty more. Especially inspiring are stories of people who have been able to forgive those who have hurt them in immense ways – some of them having lost family members in accidents. Also encouraging was the devotional Matthew gave on having an ordinary life that seems like it has no story. Matthew even shares his OWN story of almost losing his left arm and his voice, but God restoring them both and allowing Matthew to continue doing what he does.

You will learn through this book that you do have a story. As Matthew says, it doesn’t matter if you’ve grown up in the church all you life – God has amazing things He wants to do through you, and if you will open your heart to Him, He can use you to bring about global changes. You will be inspired, and will see that no matter what is going on in your life, there is hope in a real God. Fans of Matthew West will definitely want to get their hands on this book, as it not only sheds light on his latest album, but also shares Matthew’s past, and gives you a look into his witty sense of humor. It’s definitely inspiring, and helps you to see that the story of your life is a story worth telling.

Pages: 224
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

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  1. i went to see him in concert while he was on 'the story of your life tour' and it was a.mazing. he's so on fire for God and for others, and he wants to share his story as much as he wants to hear yours. i got to meet him and i can just tell he's true God-lover. the family that inspired the song 'last Christmas' was at the same concert and my best friend bawled when he played it. okay, okay. i teared up. it was so inspirational.


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