Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Review: Mark Hall -- "The Well"

Mark Hall, lead singer of Casting Crowns and youth Pastor from Atlanta, Georgia, has already been known as a great writer. His previous book Your Own Jesus was a superb, hard-hitting book about knowing Jesus yourself, rather than leaning on the Jesus of someone you know. Now, just in time for the new upcoming Come to the Well album from Casting Crowns, Mark Hall releases his third book titled The Well: Why Are So Many Thirsty?

In The Well, Mark Hall asks a very important question -- if Jesus is supposed to be the living water that fills us up and overflows in us, why are so many Christians still thirsty? He explores a few common holes that we substitute for Christ, including approval, religion, talent, control, and more. In just ten chapters that are all easy to read, Mark Hall speaks of surrendering these substitutes to Jesus Christ, and letting Him fill us up. In the last two chapters, he explores the fact that the Holy Spirit is the living water and how we need Him to quench our thirst daily. He also writes of being prepared, and not acting like a Christian who has just woken up and is not prepared for the day.

But Mark Hall doesn't just write excellent material that is very practical and is much needed in the church today, he also is an outstanding writer. Every chapter begins with a story or true account from Mark that explains his point in the chapter. In chapter three, titled "Dead Mud: The Whole of Something Better," Mark tells the fascinating account of Qin, an emperor of China in the 200s B.C., who issued an order for an entire army of 8,000 men plus horsemen to be made out of clay, thinking that they could fight for him after his death. Mark gives the entire account and history, before talking about how we often desire something bigger and better rather than being satisfied with Jesus. Mark also blends the stories in between his lessons, a great tool for keeping the reader focused and intent on the message at hand.

The Well is awesome read, an easy reader, and a hard-to-put-down book. Being a big fan of Mark Hall's writings, I definitely found this book to be one of my favorites that I will be re-reading again in the near future to soak in the important topic Mark has on his heart. If you’ve read Your Own Jesus or are a fan of Casting Crowns, you’ll definitely want to check out The Well too!

Pages: 198
Publisher: Zondervan


  1. Ooo, interesting; sounds cool! Funny thing, I just posted an article about this subject just the other day.

  2. Wow, this really sounds like an awesome book. Fantastic review, Jay!
    Superb job.


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