Thursday, August 11, 2011

Southbound Fearing Review

It may be their fourth recording as a band, but Southbound Fearing’s self-titled, full-length debut on Red Core Records is most certainly a good one. Featuring the radio single “Irresistible,” as well as nine-other solid rock tracks, Southbound Fearing is not ashamed of the gospel of Christ. God’s grace, His redemptive work, and His power are just a few of the topics shared on this project.

The pop/punk radio single “Irresistible” sets its mark on the listener immediately with its wide and catchy melody, as well as its upbeat lyrics about how Jesus Christ is irresistible and we are on fire for Him. The contagious and upbeat “Fighting Words” bears resemblance to House of Heroes, speaking of fighting the urge to remain silent.

The more mature “Unseen,” a slower but strong rock track about fighting was a hit off Southbound Fearing’s debut, with these great lyrics from the chorus: “Let them try and stop me, let them make me bleed/ I want to feel something more, I want to fight the unseen/ I’m ready to give it all away to You/ Let these waters crash around me as I’m surrendering.” The vocally monotonic “200k Miles” follows as a full track asking Jesus to come and save us, even when we are far from home and have no hope.

The slower “Bring It Back” is a prayer asking Jesus to “fix what I have done” and give us a second chance, while the serene acoustic pop track “The Only Word” is a wonderful reminder to praise God through good and bad times in life. Even the lyrics were very open, stating it just as a matter of fact: “It’s been a few rough months on my bank account/ but somehow I know its not a big deal to You/ And when I think “Oh how am I gonna pay my bills this month?”/ Hallelujah is the only word that comes to mind.”

“Never Fails” has some catchy guitar work as Southbound Fearing speaks of being in the middle of God’s plan. Even more upbeat, and having more of a punk sound to it comes “This Is Not My Home,” speaking of how we are strangers on the earth. “Drums” shows off lead singer Brady’s emphatic vocals as well as the creative lyrics of this group: “Maybe I need a song, maybe I need You to beat the drums, through the windows through the doors/ Burst like a ruthless force through the solemn church and scatter us all.” Finally, the timeless “Beautiful” ends Southbound Fearing’s debut project, a declaration of the beauty of God.

Southbound Fearing definitely has what it takes to rock. The catchy melodies and strong rock make every track very enjoyable and different. The strong Christian lyrics and worship/rock mixture are a plus!

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: August 2, 2011

Track listing:
1. Irresistible
2. Fighting Words
3. Unseen
4. 200k Miles
5. Bring It Back
6. The Only Word
7. Never Fails
8. This Is Not My Home
9. Drums
10. Beautiful

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  1. I have heard one song from this album. It was a real good song and I liked it. I hope to hear more songs from the album. It should be a good album. I do like the band a lot too.


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