Monday, August 1, 2011

Red: Until We Have Faces Review

Delivering the highly anticipated follow-up to the exceedingly successful Innocence & Instinct project, the Christian hard rock band RED returns with their third studio album Until We Have Faces. And whereas Innocence & Instinct talked about the flesh versus the spirit battles, Until We Have Faces talks about finding your true identity in Christ. The grunge rock and, at times, haunting strings, make RED’s sound better than ever. Basing from what fans know and love from End of Silence and Innocence & Instinct, Until We Have Faces will in no wise let fans down.

Crashing into the hard rock scene, “Feed the Machine” opens up RED’s third studio project with screamo and grunge guitars, in this track about non-conformity: “We fall in line, we live the lie/ Give up, give up and feed the machine/ it grows inside, nowhere to hide/ give up, give up and feed the machine.” The haunting strings added make this all around a perfect track with an excellent message. “Faceless” follows, even stronger, asking Christ to come and take over and help us find our identity in Him: “I’m not myself/ feel like I’m someone else/ fallen and faceless/ so hollow, hollow inside/ a part of me is dead/ need You to live again/ can you replace this?/ I’m hollow, hollow and faceless.”

The rocker “Lie to Me (Denial)” follows as a relationship track, but Michael Barnes’ vocals are especially accentuated through this track. Also, the string outro was especially great during this track. Surprisingly, “Let It Burn” slows things down a bit, asking questions to someone going through a difficult situation. The fill-ins were perfect for the chorus and definitely made the track: “(How long) can you stand the pain? (How long) How long will you hide your face? (How long) How long will you be afraid?/ Are you afraid…”

A song of desperation, “Buried Beneath” was one of the highlights of Until We Have Faces for me, as the fill-ins and strength of the chorus were perfect for this slower rock track. The lyrics, asking God to rescue us before we are in too deep were awesome as well: “I’m finally breaking/ so where are You now? It’s been such a long time/ that I’ve tried to live without/ I’m suffocating, I need You to breathe/ so reach down and pull me up, pull me out/ before I am buried beneath.” The gorgeous string track and radio single “Not Alone” follows, a reminder that Jesus Christ will be with us forever. The lyrics, as well as Michael’s vocals were simply amazing.

“Watch You Crawl” resumes the grunge rock feel, a revolution track of sorts, stating that “I will fight unto the end/ get ready to collide/ and I will watch you fall again/ I’ll bury you alive/ you tried to bring me to my knees/ you tried to take it all/ now I will stand and watch you crawl.” Following, “The Outside” is one of the most rocky tracks off Until We Have Faces, screamo and all, while “Who We Are” is an anthem for finding our identity and not forgetting who Christ has made us: “We can be who we are/ now we are alive/ we can fight/ they cannot contain us/ it’s who we are/ we are undying/ (we are forever)/ we won’t hide our faces from the light/ eliminate the space between us/ it’s who we are/ we are forever/ it’s who we are!”

The less upbeat “Best Is Yet to Come” is a track of hope, speaking to those who have gone through tough times in life: “And after all that we’ve been through/ and after all we left in pieces/ I still believe our lives have just begun/ ‘cause now that past can be outrun/ and I know you are the reason/ I still believe the best is yet to come.” And finally, true to their previous works, Red ends their album with “Hymn For the Missing,” a slower piano track, a relationship track.

Red’s Until We Have Faces definitely stays true to the band’s sound. Delivering what fans have loved from their previous albums, stepped up a notch, Until We Have Faces is a superb Christian rock album, full of encouragement, great Christian lyrics, awesome grunge, and even superb vocals from lead singer Michael Barnes. This is a Christian rock project that you will not want to miss!!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: February 1, 2010

Track listing:
1. Feed the Machine
2. Faceless
3. Lie to Me (Denial)
4. Let It Burn)
5. Buried Beneath
6. Not Alone
7. Watch You Crawl
8. The Outside
9. Who We Are
10. Best Is Yet to Come
11. Hymn For the Missing


  1. This is one of the most amazing review's I have ever read. You made me fall in love with this album, all over again. Awesome job, Jay!

  2. Awesome review! Definitely one of my top favorite albums of all time! It's the best Red CD to date! :D


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