Monday, August 8, 2011

Planetshakers: Nothing Is Impossible Review

It’s been five years since the Australian church worship group Planetshakers last brought us a studio album, but here they are again with Nothing Is impossible. The solid 13-track album will turn your idea of worship upside-down, as this group delivers incredibly upbeat, catchy tunes full of praise to God, reminding us of the power of God, and that we are more than conquerors through Him who loves us.

With grunge guitar and catchy guitar riffs, “Power” opens Planetshaker’s Nothing Is Impossible album, an upbeat prayer asking Jesus to pour His power on us. The rocker “Bring It On,” featuring cool electronic effects follows next, inviting Jesus to come and give us more of His presence: “Bring it on/ Your love and favor/ pour it out till it runs over…” The pounding drums and guitar acts throughout made for an awesome rock/worship track, almost sounding similar to Family Force 5 in certain places! Following nicely is the equally upbeat “Give It Up,” which encourages the listener to “give it up to the One Who saved you.”

“Nothing Is Impossible,” featuring vocals from the distinguishable Israel Houghton, speaks of how we can do all things through Christ Who strengthens us. The upbeat, chanting lyrics were a plus for this title track. And with “Running to You,” the pounding drums and worshipful atmosphere are perfect for the encouraging reminder that no one loves us like Jesus does. The great lyrics of God’s love and the lead guitar roles of this track remind me very much of the well-known “How He Loves.”

The slower “You Are God,” and the slightly more upbeat “No One Like You” speak of how wonderful our God is, while the strong and truly encouraging “Favoured” was a highlight off the project for me. It’s amazing lyrics of how Christ has favored us through His blood was very straight-to-the-heart: “I am favored, I am blessed/ by the cross and Your blood that was shed/ I am favored, I am blessed/ I can do all things because of what you’ve done…”

“Song of Praise” and “Song of Victory,” both almost a little chaotic, were highly upbeat, energetic tracks of how Christ has set us free from sin. “Hosanna,” a timeless praise and worship track, builds very nicely throughout, making for a thoroughly enjoyable listen. The following two closing tracks, “Come to Jesus” and “We Cry Out” close off the Nothing Is Impossible studio album on a slower note. After “Come to Jesus” speaks of finding refuge in Jesus, “We Cry Out” is a cry for revival, at the end of which you can hear people of different nationalities praying for their countries. The choral effects added much to the sereneness of this closing track.

Planetshaker’s Nothing Is Impossible album is certainly a good one, and as stated previously, some of these tracks are rock anthems, almost surprising to find on a worship album. But others are powerful worship tracks, most notably “Running to You” and “Favoured.” The variety on this album is very creative, and it was great hearing from a mix of different vocalists, including the talented Israel Houghton.

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: July 7, 2011

Track listing:
1. Power
2. Bring It On
3. Give It Up
4. Nothing Is Impossible
5. Running to You
6. You are God
7. No One Like You
8. Favoured
9. Song of Praise
10. Song of Victory
11. Hosanna
12. Come to Jesus
13. We Cry Out

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