Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Video: Mikeschair -- Someone Worth Dying For

Check out Mikeschair's brand new music video for their single "Someone Worth Dying For" -- it's definitely one of the best music videos I've seen this year! Also, be looking for a review of their new album A Beautiful Life later this week! Enjoy the video:



  1. Again, (haha sorry i'm repeating myself here) it's hard to really understand what people like those in the music video (whether they're actors or real victims)unless you've walked in their shoes. This is an amazing music video. I find it so weird sometimes that God really thinks we matter. Not weird in a bad way but in a good way. You know after watching this video, it makes a bit of a difference rather than just hearing it on the radio (cuz I never really pay attention to the lyrics for any song playing on the radio) We're all worth dying for, and I wish I could drill that in some people's brains. We matter to God, whether life on earth has everything against us. We're not just flesh and bones, there's a soul within our dust-made bodies that no man but only God has the power to terminate or bring to life. And he cares for that soul... what a good song!

  2. This song sounds so good, and has such a great tune that I wish I could say I loved it! But it has a pretty bad message if you think about it.

    If we're theologically accurate, we weren't worth dying for. We are wretched creatures who deserved Hell! But Jesus died for us anyway!! That's the amazing news of the Gospel.

    This song belittles that by saying that we were people worth dying for, so Jesus didn't really go through as much to save us. But He did go through a whole lot! He was beaten physically, and tortured spiritually for a people who nailed him to the cross--a people who didn't even nearly deserve His sacrifice for them. But He did it anyway.

    If you've heard You Love Me Anyway by Sidewalk Prophets, I think that song, especially the bridge, does way better of a job explaining the good news.

    This was a great video though.

  3. Papat, I agree with you! It's awesome to know that God cares about us at all times and in all places... so mind boggling, but a truth of His word! :)

    Anon: I agree there, too -- great point! The gospel takes on so much more meaning when we see that we are NOT someone worth dying for, and Christ did it anyways! I love the underlining message though, that Christ cares about us even when we feel worthless.


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