Friday, August 12, 2011

Movie Review Friday: Veggietales -- Princess and the Popstar

Veggietales’ latest DVD release, Princess and the Popstar, is one of their most creative works yet! Princess and the Popstar – a remake of Mark Twain’s Prince and the Popper, plus a spin of Hannah Montana – tells the charming story of two girls who switch places to be something that they’re not. After Princess Poppyseed meets her favorite pop singer, Vanna Banana, at the playground, they decide to see what each other’s life is like, and in the process, learn that they were made the way they were for a specific reason.

What I love most about Veggietales showed up many times in Princess and the Popstar – captivating humor. Their portraying of Princess Poppyseed as a captivated fan of Vanna Banana was at times extremely realistic, and at other times downright hilarious. They also managed to release yet another silly song, this time performed by Archibald Asparagus, with a song titled “Astonishing Wigs.” Taking children back to the 1700s, Archibald explores how the Founding Fathers, and other people of that era, used wigs to cover their natural hair and was ridiculously funny.

I also enjoyed the creativity. Veggietales has always been good at this, but this film went overboard with it. For example, at Princess Poppyseed’s farm, throwing apples into the ground and milking it produces apple pies on trees! There is also quite subtle humor hidden in such things as the princess’s iPod, which reads “Veggie Rock Hits” as she walks around the house.

In all, Princess and the Popstar from Veggietales was a great, family-friendly children’s DVD with immense creativity and humor. But most importantly, the lesson about being yourself, rather than wishing to be like someone else, stuck out the most. Vanna Banana and her new friend Princess Poppyseed learned that God put them where they are for a reason, and He shapes us into the person He wants us to be through both good and tough times. Also quite thrilling was hearing Dove-Award winning artist Francesca Battistelli’s new song “You Never Are” streaming on the credits, making for a bang-up end to this DVD, as well as hearing Steven Curtis Chapman’s daughter Shaohanna add her vocal talents. This happily-ever-after tale will easily become a favorite Veggietales film for the whole family!

Running time: 49 minutes
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  1. Hahahahahahaha Vanna Banana. I love the part where Vanna's like "i'm not Princess" and they're like "whaaaaaa?" haha I need to watch this.


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