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Kerrie Roberts Review

Last summer, Kerrie Roberts burst into the Christian music scene with her dynamic vocals and encouraging self-titled debut on Reunion Records. Nabbing several Dove Award nominations, and boasting several top charting radio singles, including the serious “No Matter What,” the fun and upbeat “Outcast,” and the contemplative “Maybe I’m Afraid,” Kerrie Roberts’ debut is not one to miss!

The catchy pop radio single “No Matter What” kicks things off, a song inspired by the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from Daniel 1-3. Kerrie’s wonderful and deep vocals will resonate with the listeners, through this song about trusting in God no matter what – whether He brings us out of the fire, or if He chooses for us to walk through it and become closer to Him. “Take You Away” follows, encouraging the listener who feels like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders: “I’m coming to take you away to the place where the pain won’t find you/ I’m coming to take you away so leave the weight of the world behind you/ oh, and you know, nothing’s too far/ nothing’s too hard/ I’ll always be there/ I’m coming to take you away.” After the key changes up, Kerrie’s vibrant vocals are even more accentuated through this beautiful track.

“Beautiful To Me,” a bit slower but still strong and filled with glorious melodies and harmonies, speaks of how the beautiful mystery that Christ choose to suffer and make us new. “This Love Doesn’t Run” is a strong, full track filled with strings and pounding drums (performed by RED’s Joe Rickard). Plus, Kerrie’s soaring vocals are phenomenal as are the great lyrics about how Christ Jesus is the only true love.

“Keep Breathing,” at first a slower piano ballad, encourages the listener to persevere through the tough times in life, and that they will get through. The track builds strongly close to the end, and Kerrie’s vocals go up in scale, making for a totally enjoyable listen. “Unstoppable,” with more of an electronic drum beat speaks of the fact that love is unstoppable: “Anything is possible, possible/ you gotta believe and see that love is unstoppable…”

The extremely upbeat and catchy pop single “Outcast” was the highlight of Kerrie Roberts’ self-titled project for me, an innovative and infectious track about being yourself, and choosing to be an outcast to the world’s standards: “I’m not good enough/ I’m not what they want/ but let me tell you what, I know who I am/ So just throw me out for not fitting in/ I will stand my ground and be an outcast/ so what if I’m an outcast?” The rap-like bridge was extremely enjoyable as well. The piano pop track “Maybe I’m Afraid” speaks of our fears, and how too often we are afraid to let Jesus in for fear that He will actually change us. As honest as the track was, I wish that the track had answered this predicament with another chorus or closing bridge.

“Love Comes Down” speaks to the heart of the listener, reminding them that “when you’ve got nothing left to hold on to, that’s when love comes down.” Filled with choirs and strong accompaniment, this track was very full and an enjoyable listen. Finally, the glorious “Savior to Me (Sing Glory)” ends Kerrie Robert’s debut project. Featuring guitars and drums from RED’s Jasen and Joe, this timeless worship song progresses throughout to a simply glamorous and heavenly ending to this album.

Kerrie Robert’s enchanting vocals should be enough of a reason for you to pick up her self-titled debut, but the gorgeous music and wonderful lyrics are an added bonus. Add to that the fact that RED’s guitarist and drummer helped with the accompaniment for this project, and you have an enthralling debut project. Kerrie shows so much promise, and I will totally be looking forward to a sophomore project from her.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: August 24, 2010

Track listing:
1. No Matter What
2. Take You Away
3. Beautiful to Me
4. This Love Doesn’t Run
5. Keep Breathing
6. Unstoppable
7. Outcast
8. Maybe I’m Afraid
9. Love Comes Down
10. Savior to Me (Sing Glory)

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