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Jason Bare: Beautiful Design Review

After losing a song he wrote with his cousin Amanda, Jason Bare searched everywhere. After no avail and much disappointment, Jason was shocked to learn that Amanda died at the young age of 27 to a drug overdose. But on that night, he found their song “Story of Grace,” and Jason knew it had to be a God-thing. This story, the heart behind Jason’s new album Beautiful Design, has much encouragement to offer, and this lead track from the album is only one of eleven wonderful Scripture-filled tracks.

The upbeat, beautiful “You Found Me” opens up the album talking about how God found us in our mess, but took us, changed us, and gave us freedom. At times, Jason’s nice mature vocals sound much like Jason Roy from Building 429, but at other times it’s easy to see how he gets compared to Daniel Kirkley, both musically and vocally. Following, the strong title track, based on Psalm 139:14 speaks of how we are designed to give glory of God and worship Him forevermore: “Creation cries we are Your canvas/ have Your way among us/ paint us with Your love/ forever captured by Your mercy/ reflections of Your glory/ shining through my life/ beautiful design.”

The catchy pop track “Touch the Sky” follows on a slower note, and speaks of finding freedom from the lies the devil tries to throw on us: “So I’ll take these wings and fly/ breaking through those sweet lies invading my mind/ alive and learning to be free/ guide me as I’m soaring to my destiny/ it’s time to touch the sky.” “Blame,” a very colorful and melodic track, speaks of how we often try to blame others rather than repent of our sins.

“Story of Grace,” slower but powerful, asks God why He came for us and choose to give His life up? Admittedly, it’s often hard to soak in that Jesus would choose to go through all of that for us, and this track puts it into words perfectly. “I Can’t Escape You” follows, sounding very similar to its preceding track, speaking of we can’t escape from the love of God, because He is always there.

“I Want to Feel You,” featuring Felicia Barton, is a cry of desperation for God to reveal Himself. The piano in this nice contemporary track was the highlight of this track for me, as was the lyrics of the chorus, mixed with the beautiful harmonies: “I’m running through the darkness Lord/ Following the sound of Your voice/ I’m reaching out to touch You oh Lord/ Where are You God and why can’t I see/ I know You are there/ answer my prayer, reveal Yourself to me.” And more out of worship than desperation, the more upbeat “Freely” speaks of the same topic – a desire to know God more than ever.

“Walk Before Me,” slower but catchy with cool guitar effects throughout, is based on Jeremiah 29:11, asking God to walk before us and make the paths straight that He is calling us down. The more upbeat “Over the Edge” completes the Beautiful Design project, a prayer that God would take us over the edge “into the unknown/ I see the place where I am and the place where You are/ and the distance between us seems so far/ with this ever widening canyon in our way.” But, “For the First Time,” a bonus Christmas single, and Jason’s first #1 single also appears at the end of this project. This track was simply heavenly, especially the choirs of the chorus, putting a stunning ending to Beautiful Design.

There was a bit of repetition, but overall, Jason Bare’s Beautiful Design project was a very raw and honest worship project. There were some catchy pop tracks as well as some of the slower worship tracks, and hey – even a Christmas song! A little of everything, Jason Bare’s new CD is one I can especially recommend to fans of Daniel Kirkley. Check it out for yourself and see!

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: September 21, 2010

Track listing:
1. You Found Me
2. Beautiful Design
3. Touch the Sky
4. Blame
5. Story of Grace (Amanda’s Song)
6. I Can’t Escape You
7. I Want to Feel You
8. Freely
9. Walk Before Me
10. Over the Edge
11. For the First Time (Bonus Track)

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  1. I must look him up! As you know I am a huge DK fan, so I am most likely going to enjoy his music. This sounds like a fantastic album.

    Another amazing review, Jay!


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