Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Introducing The Awakening

What makes a great rock band? For The Awakening, all it takes is one single to show that they know how to rock! And though they may be known for their covers too, the Cheshire, Conneticut based rocker group The Awakening shows so much promise through their new single "One Way Out." Complete with grunge guitars, screaming, and wonderful vocals, the chick-fronted rock band delivers a message about the only way we find freedom -- through Jesus Christ.

It's a rock band like this that I find worth supporting. Already at 500 fans on Facebook with just this one single, The Awakening's focus on Jesus Christ is very admirable, as is their ability to rock! Be sure to check out The Awakening's Facebook page for more info!


  1. An awesome band! I love the single too! :D

  2. Thank you for these wonderful comments!

  3. Sweet band! Thanks for letting us know about them.


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