Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Icon For Hire: Scripted Review

The pink-haired, chick-fronted group Icon For Hire has been around doing shows across the United States for three and a half years now. But just recently, after signing to Tooth & Nail Records, the threesome is preparing for the release of their debut rock project Scripted. This is a project that will absolutely thrill the listeners, as the refreshing chick-vocals, encouraging lyrics, and grunge rock simultaneously layered with explosive melodies is a definite hit.

After a thirty-second haunting string intro, titled “Overture,” things crash into a hard rock scene with the extremely creative “Theatre” with superb lyrics. Creating a metaphor of sorts, “Theatre” speaks of how we often hide behind the curtains and feed people the lines they like instead of being real. Answering this tragedy is the awesome chanting chorus: “I’m gonna burn this theatre down and pray to God for the strength to help me face the crowd/ I wanna live like I lost the script and scream every line like this is it.”

After a perfect intro, the slightly monotonic “Make a Move” provokes the listener to fist-throwing, as its strong message speaks of how we are all too scared to make a change, but somebody needs to move! “‘Cause everybody’s so scared/ We don’t want to go there/ We don’t want to make a move/ We’ve got all our lives to lose/ Screaming in the dark/ While we just play our part/ I’ll play right along/ Like I don’t know what’s going on/ Somebody make a move!” And with “Get Well,” Icon For Hire encourages the listener not to get stuck in their past. Ariel’s remarkable high vocals definitely helped make this rock anthem even better.

“The Grey,” which begins with beautiful piano, progresses throughout into a steady, but slower track of regret, while “Off With Her Head” speeds things up again into an extreme rock scene. A prayer asking God to hold onto us and not let go, the fast-paced lyrics of the pre-chorus were extremely enjoyable. “Fight” is yet another track that will provoke fist throwing, a revolution track with plenty of background vocals that make this an extremely enjoyable, full track.

“Up In Flames” is a bit playful musically, adding a touch of disco to the verses, as the fast-paced lyrics are very pleasing as is the chanting chorus, making it sound like a Superchick track: “I’ll probably end up in flames before the end of the night/ watch me burn in the fire, watch me bid you goodbye/ Your words fall right off the page like they fall on deaf ears/ You know that it’s over, nothing left for you here.”

“Iodine,” also a high-energy rocker, speaks of how we bring problems such as depression to ourselves (as the bridge states), and although serious lyrically, it is a fun rocker melodically. “Only A Memory” slows things down quite a bit and becomes very serious, as Ariel sings about someone who has caused themselves a lot of hurt and refuses to forgive themselves. Then finally, the solid rocker “Pieces” closes Scripted by Icon For Hire. With a touch of techno, “Pieces” speaks to someone who tries to rewind the messes of their life, but the song states that “the pieces won’t pick up themselves, ya know.” Through grunge guitars and pounding drums, this rocker was a wonderful ending for Icon For Hire’s debut project.

There are many rock projects I enjoy, but Icon For Hire’s debut project Scripted was phenomenal! I enjoyed every track from start to finish, as the pounding grunge guitars anthems will be sure to blast your stereo players and give you a new appreciation for Christian rock! This is an extraordinary rock album!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: August 23, 2011

Track listing:
1. Overture
2. Theatre
3. Make a Move
4. Get Well
5. The Grey
6. Off With Her Head
7. Fight
8. Up In Flames
9. Iodine
10. Only A Memory
11. Pieces


  1. I've been listening to the 30 previews on amazon, I can't wait for this album! :)

  2. awesome album I listened to it three times already and I love it :)

  3. What a wonderful album! You can really tell that Icon For Hire put a lot of soul into this album. An amazing blend of electronic and rock! These guys are all talented musicians, and I'm very ecstatic that I purchased their album.
    Trust me, buy this album. In fact, I'm listening to this album right now while drinking a Dr. Pepper, and I don't even care that it's only Tuesday and I'm stuck at work. That's how good Icon For Hire's music makes me feel.


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