Monday, August 8, 2011

Dana Jorgensen: Everything to Beautiful Review

Everything to Beautiful is Dana Jorgensen’s third album, and with this project, the talented vocalist brings to the table eleven Biblically-rich tracks. The heavenly melodies and occasional golden harmony make this an extremely enjoyable listen.

The catchy, melodic “Let Me Be the One” is captivating with the first listen. With a slightly haunting intro, this full track reminds the listener that when struggling through life, they don’t have to carry the weight alone. The more upbeat “Save Me Tonight” with pounding drums is an honest track, asking God heart questions we all wonder from time to time: “Would you save me tonight/ Would you send down a light/ My God I need now/ I can’t make it on my own/ It’s a long road/ And I’m looking for a way somehow/ Could you show me a sign/ Would you save me tonight?”

Based on Ephesians 3:18, the serene but strong “Your Love” is a contemplative track with soaring melodies that will leave you singing along with this timeless praise and worship song in no time: “Cause your love is so amazing/ anything but ordinary/ brings my soul to life/ always.” Following, “Goodbye” is a song of farewell to someone whom it isn’t right to be around. Making Dana’s vocals sound electronic on the first verse of this track, the vocals and melodies were especially enjoyable.

The strong and full “Missing Person” is superb lyrically, speaking of those people we all know who live only to get through the day and push aside their feelings. Dana sings of how God is looking for our hearts and desires an intimate relationship with each of us. On a similar note lyrically, “Waking Up (Hello Love)” speaks of waking up to the fact that we need to stop just merely existing and get real in our relationship with Christ – to start sharing the gospel and standing for what we know is right. Abounding with fill-ins, both sets of tracks were very heavenly.

Even with the wonderful set so far, “Searchlights” followed as my favorite from Dana Jorgensen’s Everything to Beautiful project. A seven-minute track that builds at each part, “Searchlights” is an absolutely gorgeous track asking Jesus, the searchlight to lead us and guide us: “Searchlight shine bright/ lead me home tonight/ Searchlight be my vision/ and my guide/ Ohhhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhh/ I'm waiting for you.” During the third verse, the song suddenly builds in a stunning worship track, sounding very similar to Aaron Shust’s worship music.

The slower Casting Crowns’ sounding track “Change” speaks of not settling for second best, as the first verse shares, and how Jesus Christ is the one who can change us and make us new. The harmonic “Breakdown” follows, sharing Dana’s own story of when God got a hold of him, and how God gets a hold of each of us at one time or another, and we decide to give Him our all.

“Shining,” which seemed to be based on Matthew 10:28 speaks of fighting for the Lord and refusing to let darkness take over. The string backing was greatly enjoyable to this track, paving the way for the acoustic “With You.” Filled with glorious harmonies, “With You” is simply a prayer that God would walk with us wherever we go, and definitely put a great ending to Everything to Beautiful.

Though Everything to Beautiful is Dana Jorgensen’s third project, it was my introduction to Dana’s music. The stunning melodies and harmonies, mixed with beautiful music and the wonderful lyrics of how Christ can take anything and make beauty out of it, Everything to Beautiful is a magnificent project, and not one to miss!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: August 16, 2011

Track listing:
1. Let Me Be the One
2. Save Me Tonight
3. Your Love
4. Goodbye
5. Missing Person
6. Waking Up (Hello Love)
7. Searchlight
8. Change
9. Breakdown
10. Shining
11. With You

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  1. Amazing, amazing review. Very enjoyable read. I personally, very much like this album. It is so good.

    Great work on this review, Jay!


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