Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aaron Shust: This is What We Believe Review


After two years since his powerful Take Over project, Aaron Shust is finally back with his Centricity Music debut, This is What We Believe. Drawing from Aaron’s own lesson in trusting in God through obstacles, This is What We Believe offers hope to those going through difficult situations, especially through the lead single “My Hope Is In You.” All this was through a miracle that happened to Aaron’s two-year-old son Nicky. After his inability to keep down any food or nutrition, doctors tried the last of seven options, and it worked. Shortly thereafter, God miraculously healed Nicky and he was able to be fed without the use of a feeding tube. This testimony makes Aaron’s psalm-like lyrics resonate more than ever before on his latest project This is What We Believe.

Right from the start with the opening title track, Aaron speaks about building our foundation on Jesus Christ, putting together passages of Scripture (Genesis 1, John 1, etc.) into a beautiful descriptive track. The first radio single from this project, “My Hope is In You,” follows nicely with an absolutely stunning piano intro, only getting stronger by the chorus, speaking of trusting in Jesus no matter what season of life we are in: “My hope is in You Lord/ all the day long/ I won’t be shaken by drought or storm/ the peace that passes understanding is my song/ and I sing/ my hope is in You alone.”

“Your Majesty,” a timeless track of praise, took Aaron months to write as he slowly penned each line. The resulting project was perfect, almost sounding like a hymn.  The more fast-paced “Risen Today” is a wonderful resurrection track, speaking of how Jesus conquered the grave and gave us eternal life through His sacrifice. Following perfectly, “Sing of My Redeemer” is on the same note, praising God for His redemptive work: “I will sing, sing of my Redeemer/ with His blood He has purchased me/ on the cross, Jesus is my pardon/ He paid the debt and set me free.”

And while the contemporary “Never Been a Greater Love” speaks of how God has given us so much that we could never repay, the more upbeat “Greater Is He” speaks of how strongholds break in the name of Jesus: “Greater is He that lives in us than he that is in the world/ there is no power strong enough to fear/ He is our firm foundation/ and our hope has been secure/ Greater is He that lives in us than he that is in the world.” Then, “Wondrous Love,” actually a duet with Kari Jobe, speaks of how Jesus humbled Himself in love for us (“What wondrous love is this that You would lay down Your life for my soul?”). The vocal combinations of this song are simply stunning!

“We are Free” is a true freedom song, speaking of our freedoms in Christ: “We are free to love like our God has loved/ we are free to give like He gave/ we are free from sin/ we are free to begin to forgive as He forgave/ we are free.” The piano fill-ins throughout were very enjoyable. And finally, the slower “God So Loved the World,” which is John 3:16 put to music, is a timeless chorus of God’s love for each of us in sending His Son -- definitely putting a nice ending to This Is What We Believe.

Aaron Shust’s Centricity Music debut This Is What We Believe is definitely a great one! His psalm-like writing skills that remind the listener of the love of God and how confidently we can put our trust in Him through every season of life are must definitely enjoyable -- as is his peaceful, contemporary style of music. Fans of Aaron’s will definitely not be let down by this project!
Rating: 4/5
Release date: August 23, 2011

Track listing:
1. This Is What We Believe
2. My Hope is In You
3. Your Majesty
4. Risen Today
5. Sing of My Redeemer
6. Never Been a Greater Love
7. Greater is He
8. Wonderous Love
9. We are Free
10. God So Loved the World

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  1. Good album I like it. All real good songs but I would say my favorite would be My Hope Is You. I also loved Wonderous Love as it was a awesome song too. I am thinking it was Kari Jobe in that duet but still awesome duet.


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