Friday, July 29, 2011

Movie Review Friday: Who Is Simon Miller? (Family Movie Night)

Let me start out by saying that I am a huge fan of detective films. Therefore, Family Movie Night’s latest film Who Is Simon Miller? was totally up my alley. Featuring Robyn Lively (from Letters to God), Who Is Simon Miller? is an edge-of-seat-thriller, spies and all.

When Simon Miller, a world-renown geologist, receives a call sending him out on yet another expedition after his return home, he leaves immediately. His family, though regretting the fact that Simon is rarely home, let him go on the condition that he will return home the next day for a meeting at the school the next day. However, during this time, the Miller family discovers a few hidden secrets about their father. After opening up a locked drawer in their living room, they learn that their father has been keeping more than a few secrets. And instead of being in a state, he is in Switzerland on a mission! The Miller family decides that their best option is to fly to Geneva and follow him on his dangerous mission to discover what he is up to.

Who Is Simon Miller? was extremely intriguing! Language barriers, spy secrets, spies from either side, and more make this story completely unpredictable and a wonderful thriller. The excellent acting was an added bonus, as each family member had something to chip in – an 18-year-old daughter fluent in European languages, a 15-year-old Einstein who is obsessed with gadgets and tricks, and a very protective mom who doesn’t always follow special instructions given to her.

I also found it interesting how this film added humor right when you thought you could take no more suspense. It was also humorous to watch how the Miller family solved cases and found out their father’s whereabouts, as well as made last-minute escapes as their enemy arrived without even knowing about it!

Because I’m a huge fan of thrillers like this, Who Is Simon Miller? was an immediate sensation for me. I loved the plot, the various country settings, the perfect actors, and the creativity of each scene. I’ve seen most of the Family Movie Night films, and without hesitation, I can say that this is Proctor and  Gamble/Walmart’s best work yet! Be sure to check out the premier on NBC August 6th, 7 CST!

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  1. I love spy movies too! I love that you said it was up your alley. ;D

  2. An excellent movie that leaves you wondering what is next in the plot. Great movie for the family with older kids.

  3. Great movie review, Jay!
    I definitely know what I am doing next weekend.

  4. Great Review Jay :)
    Wish I could watch it too :(

  5. Cool! I seen a commercial for the movie and it looked really cool! great review!


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