Friday, July 15, 2011

Laura Kaczor: Love Enough Review

Laura Kaczor has had a busy year. With two chart-topping singles, “Alive In You” and “Invisible,” Laura is quickly making a name for herself with her debut project Love Enough, yet at the same time, her Christ-centered, stunning music brings listeners to the realization that we are nothing apart from Christ.

“Don’t You Think It’s Time” kicks off Laura Kaczor’s Love Enough project, in this upbeat track with especially beautiful harmonies in the chorus. This opening track asks the question to the listener, “Don’t you think it’s time to be free?”: “We were born to live in freedom/ we were born to love/ don’t you think it’s time?” Laura’s soft vocals should bring to mind several female vocalists at first listen, including Natalie Grant, Nichole Nordeman, and Shannon Wexelburg. “All Around Me” on the same note, speaks of how God’s presence is manifest in creation, from the rain that falls to the thunder that rolls.

The slower, beautiful title track, made perfect by a gorgeous string backing, speaks of how God’s love is always there for us: “You go far enough to reach me/ deep enough to find me/ strong enough to break me, then raise me up again…” After raising up a chord, Laura’s amazing vocals get even higher, making for a very enjoyable listen. “Renew My Life (to Worship),” a very simple song, is a beautiful chorus, sounding very Psalm-like, a prayer asking God to come and restore our life and make it more like Him.

The strong, upbeat “Yours Forever” gets things rolling again, speaking of giving our all to God, since we are His forever. Again, the harmonies and backing vocals made this track very enjoyable. The radio singles “Alive In You” and “Invisible” follow, “Alive In You” sounding a bit older and enjoyable speaking of how through Christ’s resurrection were are made alive again. “Invisible” honestly wasn’t my favorite from this album, but the lyrics were remarkable, speaking of the desire for Christ to come and take over so much that our life becomes transparent and invisible.

“When Grace Calls You Out,” “Sacred Bride” and “Beautiful Mystery” remain on the slower side of things providing a nice closing for Love Enough. “ “When Grace Calls You Out” speaks of how God’s grace takes our brokenness and restores it, while “Sacred Bride” speaks of God’s immense love for us. Though I didn’t entirely agree with all the lyrics, the predominant message shone through: Jesus calls us, His children beloved. The piano and string-based “Beautiful Mystery” speaks of a hunger for more of God, and the desire to know His mysteries.

Laura Kaczor’s gorgeous vocals, beautiful music, and Christ-centered lyrics make Love Enough a debut project you will not want to miss! Already seeing her singles “Alive In You” and “Invisible” become chart-toppers, this album is likely to become a huge hit in the days to come.

Rating: 3.5/5
Release date: April 13, 2010

Track listing:
1. Don’t You Think It’s Time?
2. All Around Me
3. Love Enough
4. Renew My Life (To Worship)
5. Yours Forever
6. Alive In You
7. Invisible
8. When Grace Calls You Out
9. Sacred Bride
10. Beautiful Mystery

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