Monday, July 18, 2011

Hillsong: God Is Able Review

It’s been less than a year since the release of Hillsong’s successful A Beautiful Exchange project, but this summer, the church worship group gives us another awesome worship project through God Is Able, their twentieth release. This new project from Hillsong gives a clear, cut, and dry reminder that God is able, even when there seems like there is no hope in this world. Through eleven powerful worship songs, Hillsong delivers their best project yet, with a strong reminder and brand new tracks that are sure to leave you singing along and praising God to this wonderful music.

“Rise” begins the album strongly, with booming drums, though it is not a necessarily fast-paced track. This six-minute track led by Joel Houston speaks of rising and praising God on that day when we see Him as He is. The timeless “You’re With Us,” led by the very-talented Jad Gillies, speaks of how Jesus is always with us, based on Romans 8: “There’s no end to Your love/ You’re with us/ You’re with us/ There’s nothing in this world that could take You away/ You’re with us/ You’re with us!” As with many Hillsong worship songs, the powerful bridge was a huge enjoyment about this track.

The slower “Unending Love,” led by Jad Gillies and Annie Garratt, is sure to be the next “Mighty to Save” from Hillsong, with timeless, but absolutely powerful lyrics! “Now all I am I lay at Your feet/ I’m humbled by the wonder of Your majesty/ One thing I know, I find all I need/ In Your unending love/ in Your unending love.” For me, this hymn-like track was the standout from the whole God is Able project, and definitely a track I recommend every praise and worship fan check out! “The Lost Are Found” is a bit on the slower side of things as well, led this time by Ben Fielding. Borrowing its lyrics from Matthew 11:4-5, the powerful chorus is echoed by the millions of people singing along at the top of their lungs: “The lost are found/ the blind will see/ the lame will walk/ the dead will live/ and You, our God, forever You will reign!”

“The Lost are Found” blends perfectly into the title track with a very cool lead guitar intro and booming drums, speaking of how God has overcome the grave and given us the power to overcome: “Lifted up/ He defeated the grave/ Raised to life/ Our God is able/ In His name we overcome/ For the Lord our God is able.” Once again, the amazing bridge and congregation participation was so inspirational. It seems only natural that Jonathan Douglass (JD) lead “The Difference” sounding more Hillsong United like than Hillsong, with an energetic tempo and fist-throwing-provoking lyrics: “We are found/ there’s nothing that can hold us down/ with anything against us/ we know You’re love will be the difference/ You give and take/ still we will go Your way/ all our fear is in the distance/ we know Your love will be the difference.”

We hear Darlene Zschech for the first time on “Alive In Us,” a simple track following the lyrics of “The Lost Are Found”: “You rose from death to victory/ You reign in life, oh Majesty!/ Your name be high and lifted up/ Jesus, Jesus alive in us.” “You are More” reminds the listener that no matter what they are going through, they will get through the season of life, because Jesus is more than we need: “You are more than my words could ever say/ You are Lord over all my days/ I will see the season through/ I will fix my eyes on You/ only You.”

“Narrow Road,” still on the slower side of things but very powerful, has very creative lyrics, speaking of the narrow road that we walk on as Christians: “Love will shine before us on our path/ To guide our every step within the dark/ to know You is our only cry…” Ben Fielding leads the closing live track, “My Heart is Overwhelmed,” a beautiful and serene worship song speaking of how Jesus has set us free, and serves as a song of thanks to Him for what He has done. God is Able ends with “Cry of the Broken,” a solo studio track by Darlene Zschech. Featuring gorgeous strings, piano, and acoustic guitar, “Cry of the Broken” is based largely on Isaiah 53. Darlene’s angelic vocals fit the song perfectly, speaking of how Christ was wounded to bring us healing from sin, brokenness, pain, shame, and grief. It put an amazing end to God is Able and was definitely a highlight from the project as a whole.

Hillsong is only getting better with each release they put out. Now, with God is Able, their twentieth album, they deliver a project full of songs that are sure to make their way to church songbooks and be sung by millions around the world. Featuring the definite hit “Unending Love,” to the upbeat “The Difference,” to the powerful “Alive In Us,” “With Us,” and “Cry of the Broken,” Hillsong’s God is Able is a worship project you will not want to miss, and most certainly one of the best worship projects of the year!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: July 26, 2011

Track listing/led by:
1. Rise – Joel Houston
2. With Us – Jad Gillies
3. Unending Love – Jad Gillies and Annie Garratt
4. The Lost Are Found – Ben Fielding
5. God is Able – Reuben Morgan
6. The Difference – Jonathan Douglass (JD)
7. Alive In Us – Darlene Zschech
8. You Are More – Chantel Norman
9. Narrow Road – Dave Ware
10. My Heart is Overwhelmed – Ben Fielding
11. Cry of the Broken – Darlene Zschech

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  1. Good album from what I heard of it. Looking forward to hearing of the rest of it some time soon.


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