Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daniel Kirkley: Where Healing Starts Review

It’s been four years since Daniel Kirkley delivered his Centricity Music debut Let Love Win, featuring the hit single “My New Dawn,” as well as the title track and “Sacred Moment.” Now, Daniel is back better than ever with Where Healing Starts, the anticipated full-length follow up.

The strong “In Between” opens up Where Healing Starts, a relationship song speaking of finding peace “in the in between.” Daniel’s incredible vocals mixed wonderfully with the full string backing. “How You See” speaks of the challenges of trusting in Jesus sometimes when we have no idea what is going on, but we know that He is at work in our lives. Lyrically, this track is amazing.

“Surrender,” at first starting as a piano pop track, progresses into a gorgeous, mostly string-based track about giving everything over to God and letting Him take control. A simpler track, “There Is A God” speaks of how all we have to do is look around to know there is a God, and asks the question: “There is a God. How much proof do you need?” “Like the Angels Do” speaks of singing our praises to God along with the angels, and the beautiful piano strokes were a wonderful addition.

“Way to Me,” a fun pop track sounds very similar to Downhere’s music, as Daniel’s narrative singing talks about how God still comes through on rainy days: “’Cause You’ll open the skies and the sun’s gonna shine/ love always finds a way to me/ gonna reach through the dark/ put the light in my heart/ love always finds a way to me.” The unique melodic bridge was a very awesome listen as well. The title track follows perfectly, with amazing lyrics, encouraging the listener struggling with brokenness: “When tears can’t slow the aching beat of your wounded heavy heart/ don’t forget that in the middle of your brokenness is right where healing starts.” Daniel’s flexible vocals matched this song perfectly, making for an amazing listen.

“Quiet Place” speaks of running away from the chaotic lifestyle to a quiet place to hear God speak, while the more upbeat contemporary track “World Without You” is another relationship song, speaking of not wanting to know what a “world with you” looks like. The serene “Strong Enough” contemplates how “sometimes our weakness is strong enough,” while ”Love Remains” ends Where Healing Starts on a mostly piano note, sounding similar to 1 Corinthians 13 lyrically. Also included at the end of this project is the bonus track, “A Mother’s Song” a song about a Mother’s prayers as her child grows up and moves away.

I’ve been a fan of Daniel’s music since the release of the “My New Dawn” single, but Where Healing Starts takes Daniel’s musical talents a step further. Daniel’s amazing vocals, lyrics, and music mix to make Where Healing Starts a project definitely worth purchasing and adding to your Christian music library!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: July 5, 2011

Track listing:
1. In Between
2. How You See It
3. Surrender
4. There Is A God
5. Like the Angels Do
6. Way to Me
7. Where Healing Starts
8. Quiet Place
9. World Without You
10. Strong Enough
11. Love Remains
12. A Mother’s Song (Bonus)

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  1. Love this review, great work Jay! Still can not wait to listen to this album, myself.


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