Saturday, July 23, 2011

Celebrating Two Years!

Wow... has it really been two years? Two years ago today, I started Jay's Musik Blog -- July 23rd, 2009. I started with a simple green template with no design whatsoever, and after two years, here I am. God has done amazing things for and through this site that I never saw coming, and I'm so thankful for it all! So today, I want to say thank you to each of my readers and give a brief overview of a few things that have happened in the past year.

In September of 2010, the main highlight of the end of the year occurred -- I had the privilege of interviewing JesusFreakHideout's frontman John DiBiase and getting a scoop into what his world is like. Thanks, John for all you do! Happy 15th anniversary to JFH! :)

In January, we had an amazing month of stats, and God blessed this site with an amazing number -- four times normal page loads! Here's the awesome thing: the stats haven't slowed down! I've even had articles quoted on Wikipedia, in media press releases, had my articles tweeted by artists and record labels alike, and more! The more I post, the more the stats go up, and I'm so thankful to God for this, and for each new reader who causes stats to go up! :)

February 2011 was an amazing month, as I had the chance to see Sixteen Cities for the first time, and become a featured New Release Tuesday reviewer! Stats continued to rise, and we had a handful of giveaways that increased readership.

In May, I was asked to become a reviewer for Christian Music Review, a position I accepted and have been very blessed by ever since. Be sure to check their site for awesome reviews, and thanks again to Jay Heilman and Mike Laxton for this blessing!

In June, I attended Reign Fest in central New York, and had the chance to see The City Harmonic and Everyday Sunday, as well as a few local bands, including Silversyde and Isaiah 6. It was a great pleasure to meet these bands, and interview The City Harmonic, which you can read on CMR's Facebook page here.

Here is July! Less than a month ago, I did my very first video interview with Sixteen Cities! My readers exploded the page loads on this one post alone, so that after 24 hours, it was the sixth most popular post of the month! :) And yes, by popular demand, I have several other video interviews lined up in the future!

There have been SO MANY things that God has blessed this site with in these past two years, but rather than go into all of them, I want to thank each and everyone of you who reads this site for making this all possible! Thanks to all my friends who helped me get started and who continue to frequent this site, share it, and are an encouragement to keep on going. Thanks to all my friends in the Christian music industry for your support and promotion of my site.

Finally, as a big thank you to everyone who reads my site, I have a few 5 CD blocks to give away -- four of them to be exact! I hope you have fun entering and hope you will continue to read and support Jay's Musik Blog through the coming years! Be sure to connect with me via Twitter and Facebook, and of course, you can always email with any questions or comments you might have! Thank you!

God bless,

Oh, and P.S.: As of this writing, I have passed 600 Twitter followers, 200 Facebook fans, 100 blog followers, and 1,000 blog posts! :)


  1. It is an absolute pleasure to be a fellow reader, of such a great site.
    Thank you for always giving us the BEST. I am looking forward to many more years of reading.

    May God continue to bless, and use this website, along with the genius behind it!

    Happy 2nd Anniversary!

  2. The genius behind it? Wow... thanks, RBG! You rock!! :)

  3. Congratulation on two years of amazing blogging, dude! Keep up the mighty good work!

  4. Thanks, Justin! You rock! :)

  5. WOO!! Congrats on the milestone! :D Hard to believe it's been that long!

  6. Big congrats on two years of blogging, Jay!!! Keep up the great work!! :)


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