Thursday, July 21, 2011

Beckah Shae: Destiny Review


I remember the first time I heard Beckah Shae’s “Here In This Moment” on Air1 Radio. Shortly thereafter, I heard “Life,” and resolved to purchase her LIFE album. Every track was an immediate sensation for me, as I listened to the catchy dance/pop with Biblical lyrics and outstanding vocals. I’ve been a huge Beckah Shae fan ever since! But with Destiny, Beckah manages to turn things up a notch, delivering her best project yet! Reminding listeners to see the world through God’s eyes (“Put Your Love Glasses On”) and to be the change in our world, Beckah doesn’t slow down with the inspirational and powerful message that she presents through her music.

The Scripturally-sound aspect of Beckah Shae’s music shines through in the first track, “Are You Ready?” Very serious, and beginning a bit haunting, this track is a call to action – God raising an army and saying “Who is ready? ‘Cause I am looking for…/ Who is ready?/ ‘Cause I am coming soon.”

Just by the title, you would expect “Music” to be exactly what it is: a dance/pop track with electronic effects. Along with the extremely catchy melody of this track, Beckah sings about the power of music, and how we need music to uplift us in our walk with Christ: “Sounds that make my spirit dance like I’m the only one here with You/ music, music/ We need You, we need You, so c’mon give us good music!”

“Supernova” was an immediate sensation off Destiny for me, speaking of shining our lights for the glory of God. The electronic pop only made the track better, but for me the highlight was the creative lyrics of the chorus: “Shine! Just like a super star/ so bright, lightin’ up the night/ supernova/ Shine! Just like a super star/ outshining galaxies like a supernova!” “Holy” was equally as amazing, borrowing lyrics from the book of Psalms, and the books of Samuel in this timeless declaration of the majesty of God.

“Just to Know You” slows things down, but the overpowering drums do not. In this song of surrender, “Just to Know You” speaks of giving up everything to know God more and be more like Him. Next, the first single from Destiny, represented by a Twitter hashtag, “#putyourloveglasseson,” is a reminder to see the world through God’s eyes. Using the “love glasses” idea and an awesome electronic tempo, “#putyourloveglasseson” is a definite highlight from Destiny. In my opinion, watching the video for this track accentuated my love for this radio single from Beckah Shae.

“For Such A Time As This,” obviously inspired by Esther chapter 4, was my original favorite from Destiny, speaking of how God has placed each of us on this earth for reason, and it’s up to us to accept the call He has placed on each of our lives: “Then I hear You call my name out loud and I say ‘yes’!/ Just a moment for a lifetime/ for such a time as this, I say ‘yes’!/ I’ve been chosen to arise, for such a time as this/ I say ‘yes’!” The way the track builds and slows down was absolutely perfect for this powerful track. “Show Me,” more on the hip-hop scale, first asks why all the “fishies are swimming in the same direction,” and then asks God to open our eyes to the truth and show us how to live. Like all of Beckah Shae’s music, this track shows how obviously Christ-centered her music is, something I find extremely appreciating.

Things speed up with “We Are,” which reminds the listeners that we are the revolution and we are the ones called to make a difference. Again, the electronic pop was extremely enjoyable! “Hope,” a piano-pop track continues the message of the preceding track, stating that we are the ones who bring change to the world: “We’re all part of a plan/ we’ve got a purpose/ we’ve got a destiny/ we’re all headed somewhere and we’re goin’ soon/ cause yeah! We choose to believe.” It then goes on to talk about the hope we have in Jesus that He will come back for us on that glorious day.

“Gold,” at first an exclusive iTunes track, was great to hear on Destiny, a song about how we go through the fire, are refined and come out gold. The vocal effects of this track were simply awesome as were the lyrics: “So let me take time to be thankful for the way I’ve been made stronger/ Going through the fire, but coming out gold!/ And I’m going higher with my feet still on the floor!” And finally, the title track ends Destiny, just a touch slower than the majority of the album. Encouraging the listener to fight the good fight and fix their eyes on the eternal to find their destiny, this track put a wonderful ending to Beckah Shae’s fifth studio project. Also included at the end of this song, are two hidden tracks, “This is My Father’s World” and “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus,” two snippets that were very peaceful and enjoyable.

Destiny by Beckah Shae is simply an outstanding project! The contagious dance/pop, mixed with Beckah Shae’s stellar vocals and Biblical lyrics make for a perfect album. Destiny combines all I have loved about Beckah Shae’s previous albums, plus more! Fans of Beckah will not be let down by this project, which is possibly my #1 favorite of 2011 so far! Do yourself a favor and go pick this project up!!

Rating: 5/5
Release date: August 16, 2011

Track listing:
1. Are You Ready?
2. Music
3. Supernova
4. Holy
5. Just to Know
6. #putyourloveglasseson
7. For Such A Time As This
8. Show Me
9. We Are
10. Hope
11. Gold
12. Destiny


  1. Love, love, love this review! I look very much forward to getting my hands on a copy of Destiny, soon. Superb work on this review, Jay.

    Very enjoyable read, all the way through.

  2. Great review! I can tell you very much enjoyed the CD. I might want to check it out! :)

  3. I could not agree with this review more. Destiny is a TERRIFIC recording that deserves every superlative lavished upon it.


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