Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Katinas: Collage Review

Christian music’s favorite Samoan group, The Katinas, are back with Collage, an eleven-track record released to Destiny Productions. Featuring a few surprises, including guest appearances from Cece Winans, Jeremy Camp, and B. Reith, this is a wonderful project from beginning to end!

Collage begins strongly with “L.O.V.E.,” a track which actually surprised me at first due to its upbeat disco sound. Being an extreme disco fan, this track was an immediate sensation, with its lyrics based on 1 Corinthians 13. The title track, a bit more serious, but still upbeat and strong, speaks of getting together as believers, no matter what our background is: “Why can’t we all get the picture/ sisters and brothers every color/ when this collage comes together/ we are stronger in the name of love.” An enjoyable addition to this title track were the electronic effects spread throughout the chorus.

Beginning with peaceful flute sounds, “I’ll Wait” is a powerful worship track about waiting on God, no matter how long it takes: “It doesn’t matter how long I wait, how long it takes/ I’ll wait/ I found a peace in being still/ if it’s Your will, I’ll wait!” “Jehovah” and “Majesty” (a Delirious? cover) follow in perfect suite, serene tracks of praise to God for His goodness and majesty. CeCe Winans was absolutely perfect to be featured on “Jehovah,” as her singing of the second verse, and her harmonic vocals in the chorus made the track all the more remarkable.

“What It’s Worth,” very full and powerful, features guest vocals from one of Christian music’s most familiar male vocalists – Jeremy Camp. I’m sure fans of Jeremy will thoroughly enjoy this track, as he has a lead role in the song, singing a large amount of the second half of the track. The lyrics of “What’s It Worth” were also very worshipful and easy to sing along to, especially the timeless bridge: “I surrender all control/ everything I’m living for/ I surrender all to You!” “Love People” follows, sounding very classic. After one listen, it’s not surprising at all that TobyMac co-wrote this track with The Katinas, as it sounds very similar to what you would expect from earlier dcTalk music. It also fits The Katinas very well, with very catchy fast-paced lyrics: “We’re gonna hit the road again/ Share some songs make some friend/ Lift our hands to the great I am/ It's beautiful display/ We might worship all night long/ Hoping you will sing along/ Cause everybody's family/ Like momma use to say/ Love People, love people.” This track also features a rap scene in the middle of the track that was perfect for this song.

The upbeat and sweet love song “Every Single Bit of You” was an awesome listen, as all five of the Katina brothers added their vocals together in the chorus of this track. Also, B. Reith fans will enjoy hearing him share his rapping talents in this track. “La’u Pele Ea,” an entirely Samoan track follows, with an enjoyable pop sound, although I honestly have no idea what’s its English translation is. :) The Katinas’ cover of John Mark McMillian’s world-famous worship single “How He Loves” was extremely welcome. Though it was honestly not the best version I have heard of this track, the guys’ flexible vocals made this timeless, modern-day hymn very enjoyable. Finally, Collage ends with the tranquil “Home,” a track that reminded me of “Light Up the Sky” by The Afters musically, especially the guitar effects at the beginning. “Home” speaks to the heart of a lost soul, reminding them that they are never lost, and they came come home to God’s grace unashamed. Musically, this track put a perfect end to Collage, as the track was not only peaceful, but also built up by the beautiful bridge.

Collage is a fabulous project, featuring not only upbeat, fun pop songs, but also slower powerful worship songs, and even featuring guest appearances from some recognizable Christian artists. I would definitely recommend this project to long time fans of The Katinas, as well as fans of the pop/dance genre.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: June 21, 2011

Track listing:
1. L.O.V.E.
2. Collage
3. I’ll Wait
4. Jehovah (Featuring CeCe Winans)
5. Majesty
6. What It’s Worth (Featuring Jeremy Camp)
7. Love People
8. Every Single Bit of You (Featuring B. Reith)
9. La’u Pele Ea
10. How He Loves
11. Home


  1. Great album review, Jay! Nice read.

  2. Nice, I finally found out who the other vocals were in this album! Thanks for the review, God bless!


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