Tuesday, June 21, 2011


From TobyMac’s Diverse City band comes a new artist by the name of Shonlock. Chances are, you’ve already heard his #1 radio single “Something In Your Eyes,” and riding on that success comes Shonlock’s debut full-length, NEVERODDOREVEN. This thirteen-track album features musical diversity, from strong hip-hop, to slower contemporary styles, all making for an enjoyable listen.

The energetic, electric radio single “Something In Your Eyes” kicks off NEVERODDOREVEN in full blast, speaking of the wonders of God, followed by “Could U Be.” Composed of booming electronic drums and massive fill-ins, this slower track was equally enjoyable.

Shonlock’s second radio single “Hello” sounds very similar to “City On Our Knees” by TobyMac (no surprise), and speaks of making a change while we have the chance: “This is your chance/ The moment is now/ I know you've been waiting/ To turn it around/ Just step out in the open/ And you'll figure out/ There's so much more to who you are right now/ Hello, Hello.” The effects added to Shonlock’s vocals were an added bonus to this wonderful radio single. “Simple Man,” the most hip-hop sounding track on NEVERODDOREVEN is very energetic, with super fast lyrics.

“Bet Ya House” begins with humorous sound effects, moving into an energetic anthem with cheer-leader lyrics, and monotone hip-hop vocals, while “Set It Off” begins in a sad note, but progresses to a fun track with strong lyrics. Following, “You Act Like” remains on the slower side of things as well.

“Cheers,” the beautiful, piano-track with booming drums, shares Shonlock’s personal struggle of growing up in a drunk household and how he found his way out through Christ. Lyrically, this track is the most touching on NEVERODDOREVEN. The haunting choir-infused “Scarred,” seems to be part-two to the preceding track, speaking of not wanting to break someone’s heart and wishing the scars would disappear.

“Monsta” again picks up the pace, speaking of combating the enemy and standing our ground against his attacks. Awesomely, this track sounded extremely similar to Lecrae’s music, both lyrically and musically. “Q2GO” is a very innovative track, very bold and strong, speaking of waiting for our “Q2GO (queue to go).”

“Get Free” is made by the overpowering background vocals that mix with the freeing lyrics about finding freedom in Christ. Again, the haunting background of this track was enjoyable and fit the message of this track perfectly. The strong title track closes the album perfectly, in what was definitely my favorite track from Shonlock’s debut full-length, and has outstanding lyrics: “Never odd or even/ some things never change/ Some things are forever/ over and over again/ forever I’ll be there/ I owe it all to You…”

Overall, Shonlock’s NEVERODDOREVEN is a solid debut with a little bit of everything – from hip-hop to dance to contemporary, and even a little worship. From the haunting and gloomy “Cheers” and “Scarred,” to the upbeat and powerful “Something In Your Eyes” and the title track, NEVERODDOREVEN has a little something for everyone! Check out more info on Shonlock at his website, shonlock.com!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: June 21, 2011

Track listing:
1. Something In Your Eyes
2. Could U Be
3. Hello
4. Simple Man
5. Bet Ya House
6. Set It Off
7. You Act Like
8. Cheers
9. Scarred
10. Monsta
11. Q2Go
12. Get Free
13. Never Odd or Even


  1. Awesome album review, Jay!
    Hopefully will get the opportunity to listen to this album.

  2. Lovin Neveroddoreven! Da Whole Thang Baby!


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