Saturday, June 11, 2011

Royal Tailor: Black & White Review

Royal Tailor has already made a name for themselves with their radio single “Hold Me Together.” Now, the debut project from Royal Tailor, Black and White, delivers a refreshing energetic pop, with an awesome message of hoping and letting God have control of our life.

“Death of Me” begins Royal Tailor’s debut with a surge of electricity and electronic drums, speaking of dying to our flesh to come alive to Christ. Lead singer Tauren’s vocals are amazing, as his flexible vocals can be easily heard in this track, with catchy melodies and fill-ins. Also inspirational are the very Biblical lyrics: “But not that I’m free, I finally see/ living’s worth dying for/ Buried with You, You’re making me new/ The old man’s dead and gone/ this is the death of me.” Following on the same enjoyable electric note is “Make A Move,” provoking dance moves and singing along. This track was definitely one of the highlights of this project, speaking of breaking free and making a move for the Kingdom of God: “There’s more to life/ open my eyes/ someone is needing You/ so I gotta make a move.” The short lead guitar solo halfway through the track only perfected this track even more.

The more contemporary, but still upbeat, track “Freefall” is extremely powerful, speaking of letting go and letting God have control. The soaring vocals of this track were awesome, as were the lyrics it was put to: “I’m not afraid/ I know I’m safe/ It’s a chance but my choice is made/ I’m not alone/ You won’t let go/ and I know through it all/ You hold me in the freefall.” “Control” follows perfectly, getting back to the electronic roots of the opening tracks on Black and White, and speaks about living relationships the right way, and even features an awesome rap solo.

“Gravity (Pulling Heaven Down)” seriously emphasized Tauren’s amazing vocals, overlapping in both high and low, as this powerful worship track speaks of pulling heaven down, and seeing revival spread (“It’s pulling heaven down/ how could it be the gravity that holds me to the ground/ is pulling heaven down?”). Just when you think this track is over, a gorgeous string act, combined with the previous music from the chorus makes for an absolutely stunning one-minute instrumental. The radio single, “Hold Me Together” follows in a slower suit. With spectacular harmonies, speaks of how without God, we are nothing: “Can You hold me together?/ Can Your love reach down this far?/ Can You hold me together?/ ‘Cause without You holding my heart, I’m falling apart.” The track progresses after the first verse for a slower, but nice, worship track.

“Wannabe” is a fun track, with surges of electricity, which speaks of being who Christ has made us to be, and knowing that what Christ has appointed us for is where we find our identity – not in what the world defines us as. The title track, “Black and White” was another immediate sensation from Royal Tailor, and is an upbeat song of apology to God: “There’s black, and there’s white/ and there’s wrong and there’s right/ I can’t go one more night/ without telling You that I’m sorry.” The piano pop track “Run to Love” is an encouraging track reminding the listener to run to love when you feel hurt and broken: “Run, run, run to love/ run to love/ cause love, love waits for us/ waits for us with open arms/ run to love.” “Hope,” blended with strings, follows on the same note, speaking of the hope we find in Jesus, and how He will always help us find our way back home. The fun, choir orientated “Love Is Here” ends Black & White, and speaks of how love is always there, no matter where you are, or in what position you are in. This fun track put a great ending to Royal Tailor’s debut project.

Royal Tailor’s Black and White is an outstanding Christian pop album. Being an extreme pop fan, I highly enjoyed Royal Tailor’s debut project full of electric effects, amazing vocals, superb lyrics, and fun music. If you’re a fan of Christian pop, such as Britt Nicole, Beckah Shae, Anthem Lights, etc., you will definitely want to check out this album as soon as possible!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: June 7, 2011

Track listing:
1. Death of Me
2. Make A Move
3. Freefall
4. Control
5. Gravity (Pulling Heaven Down)
6. Hold Me Together
7. Wannabe
8. Black & White
9. Run to Love
10. Hope
11. Love Is Here


  1. I personally really enjoyed the album Black & White, so it's even more enjoyable to read such a great review on it. Nice work!

  2. Excellent review! Now I want to hear the album! :) I really like what I've heard so far from Royal Taylor.

  3. Okay, I am Royal Tailor's biggest fan!! I just love these guys!!


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