Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Manafest: Live In Concert CD/DVD Review

Live projects are usually cool collectibles for fans of the band, but Manafest’s Live In Concert CD/DVD takes things a step further. Featuring eleven hit songs, as well as a short encouraging message in between, Manafest’s first live project is a must-have for fans of this incredible hip-hop artist.

Live In Concert opens up excitingly with Manafest’s radio topper, “Avalanche,” which features a remarkable intro. “4-3-2-1” follows, originally from Citizens Activ, in which Chris Greenwood gets the sold-out auditorium shouting along. “Top of the World” is amazing as well, and is followed by “No Plan B,” in which Chris tells the humorous story of getting chased by Japanese police during the making of the music video.

“Bounce” is a definite highlight, as this track, “Impossible” and “Bring the Ruckus” sound remarkably better than the originals. Track eight, titled “Fear” is an encouraging message Chris gives about not being afraid. Defining fear as “False Evidence Appearing Real,” he encourages the listeners to take a step of faith and not be afraid of what others think. He also shares a bit of his personal testimony, of being afraid and shy since his father’s suicide when Chris was five. He then opens up again aptly with “Every Time You Run,” in which he actually sang Trevor’s part amazingly!

“Renegade,” “Fire In The Kitchen,” and “The Chase” are also equally as engaging, making for exciting watches with awesome lighting, fan participation, and gigs from the Manafest band. Also appearing on the DVD as extra features are the music videos for “Impossible” (featuring Trevor McNevan), “Avalanche,” “No Plan B,” and a Japan interview with Mr. Manafest.

Manafest’s Live In Concert CD/DVD is phenomenal! I highly recommend this project to Manafest and hip-hop fans. This is seriously one of the best live projects I have heard to date, as almost every song sounded even better than the original, and the live show rocked!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: June 7, 2011

Track listing:
1. Avalanche
2. 4-3-2-1
3. Top of the World
4. No Plan B
5. Bounce
6. Impossible
7. Bring the Ruckus
8. Fear
9. Every Time You Run
10. Renegade
11. Fire In the Kitchen
12. The Chase


  1. Good album review for the new Manafest album. I am hoping to get this album as soon as I can. It should be a awesome album. Looking forward to seeing the DVD along with the extra stuff on the DVD.

  2. Wow it sounds awesome!!! great review!


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