Monday, June 27, 2011

Dara Maclean: You Got My Attention Review

Newcomer to Christian radio, Dara Maclean, releases her debut project You Got My Attention July 12th to Fervent Records. Featuring the hit radio single “Suitcases,” and eleven other solid tracks, Dara’s debut project features musical diversity that makes for a completely enjoyable listen, and is a project that only gets better each time it is played.

The amazing radio single “Suitcases” starts off Dara Maclean’s You Got My Attention project with a bit of piano, before things take an upbeat turn by the chorus. Most enjoyable about this track are the innovative lyrics comparing suitcases to our burdens in life and reminding us that “you can’t run when you’re holding suitcases” – it is an encouraging track reminding us to cast our burdens on the Lord who cares for us and was personally my favorite track off this project. The title track follows nicely, immediately reminding the listener of Francesca Battistelli, particularly her “My Paper Heart” track, in this pop track with a gospel twist to it. Another amazing song, lyrically, this fun song sings about how God has captured out hearts and shown us that He is all we truly need.

“Unreachable” slows things down a bit, but sees the lyrics get even better! Starting off acoustically, “Unreachable” speaks to the heart of someone who feels lost, and reminds them that they can find grace and that they are never too far to return to God: “You’re not too far away/ you can’t fall too far to save/ sounds unbelievable/ but you’re not unreachable/ just take the hand of grace/ your sins have been replaced by something beautiful/ you’re not unreachable.” Dara’s soaring vocals were greatly highlighted by this beautiful track, especially by the gorgeous bridge. “What Love Looks Like” is the first of several sweet love songs on You Got My Attention, featuring astonishing harmonies and beautiful guitar-picking music.

The catchy pop track “Free” is highlighted by the perfect fill-ins that will leave the listener singing along, as well as the amazing harmonies that appeared in this single, and most of the other songs on this project. The encouraging lyrics about the freedom we find in Christ was enjoyable as well: “You tell me I’ve been made free/ You give me everything I need to walk in my dreams/ You whisper words that free my soul/ You’re the reason I have hope/ You’re everything I need and more/ You made me free.” “Yours Forever,” another serene love song, was a very enjoyable listen, slowing down the energetic pop, and acting as an intermission.

The full and fun “Nothin’ You Won’t Do” picks up the pace again, speaking of how amazing God is, and how “if I was the only one here on the planet, You would still send Your son/ because You couldn’t stand to see me anywhere but next to You/ There’s nothin’ You won’t do.” As can be seen, the lyrics of this track were amazing, and so was the fun pop feel it had. Equally as upbeat, “The One” follows, speaking of how Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Again an acoustic love song, “Had to Be You” speaks of how love was well worth the wait, while “So Good to Me,” more of a slower gospel track speaks of how God is so good to us, and promises to never leave or forsake us. “Gratitude” is a powerful track with strong music and pounding drums, speaking of our desire to make it known to God just how grateful we are for all He has done for us, making a perfect “part two” to “So Good to Me.” Consider these lyrics: “How can I say thank You?/ How can I adore You?/ All I have to offer is the life I lay before You/ You’re the One I live for/ so let my heart be flowed to overflow/ each day brand new with gratitude.” Finally, You Got My Attention ends with the gorgeous piano track “Home.” Accentuating Dara Maclean’s vocals nicely, “Home” is a beautiful worship song about being home where we belong: “Still the fire burns lighting up the room/ I know You’re here with me/ You wrap me in Your arms like only You can do/ I know, You’re all I need/ With You I’ll always be home.” All in all, it put a peaceful, perfect end to Dara’s debut project.

Dara Maclean’s You Got My Attention project is awesome from start to end! There is not one bad track on this debut, and each listen leaves you coming back for even more! Starting with the encouraging and upbeat “Suitcases,” straight through to the piano track “Home,” Dara’s debut is a solid project and a must-have for fans of Francesca Battistelli and the like.

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: July 5, 2011

1. Suitcases
2. You Got My Attention
3. Unreachable
4. What Love Looks Like
5. Free
6. Yours Forever
7. Nothin’ You Won’t Do
8. The One
9. Had to Be You
10. So Good to Me
11. Gratitude
12. Home

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  1. Absolutely loved this album review! Definitely makes me want to pick up a copy once it hits street's next month. Great work, Jay.


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