Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tricia Brock: The Road Review

Superchic[k]’s lead singer Tricia Brock is back, this time with a solo project. But instead of the driving pop that she delivers with her band Superchic[k], The Road is a solid solo project, full of eleven powerful worship songs, including the radio single “You Are My Shepherd,” and the first single released from the album, “Lean.” Although the project is different from what we are used to from Superchic[k], fans of the group will no doubt enjoy hearing a different genre of music from Tricia Brock.

The full opener “Breath of God” is quite upbeat and worshipful, made complete by strong drums, plus keyboard and guitars. An immediate sensation, “Breath of God” speaks of how “only God can satisfy,” and is a cry for more of Him in our lives: “Breath of God/ You give us life/ Only You can satisfy/ Pour Your love over us/ Let is rain down from above/ As we cry ‘holy, holy God.’” In addition, the harmonies featured on the bridge of this track were astonishing. “Lean” follows, equally upbeat, speaking of leaning on God all the time, and seemed to be based on Habakkuk chapter three.

The piano-based radio single “You are My Shepherd,” based on Psalm 23 is very refreshing, building up strongly by the arrival of the powerful chorus. Listeners will no doubt find this track to be a highlight from The Road. “You Hear” is a touching track that follows the softness of “You Are My Shepherd,” but very strong and straight to the point. It reminds the listener that no matter where we find ourselves in life, God always hears us and understands: “And the truth remains that the love Who saves is the One Who Hears/ Oh You hear/ And the power will be not in those Who speak, but in Him Who Hears/ Oh You Hear.” Written by Tricia’s husband Nick Baumhardt, and Sarah Hart, this track was definitely one of the most powerful on The Road project.

Tricia delivers an acoustic-guitar driven cover of “Jesus, I Am Resting,” and follows up with “The Altar,” a new track that sounds very hymn-like. This piano track speaks of being in the presence of God: “Let fire fall and purify our hearts/ come to the altar.” Full of guitar, strong strings, and keyboard, “Always,” (originally written by Kristian Stanfill and Jason Ingram) is taken almost entirely from the Psalms, in a timeless reminder that God is always on time. Especially enjoyable is the powerful bridge: “I lift my eyes up/ My help comes from the Lord!” On the same lyrical note, which reminded me of Superchic[k]’s lyrics, comes “Impossible,” speaking of how all things are possible through God: “Oh my God is strong/ nothing is impossible/ He rose again and conquered the grave!/ Oh my God is strong/ nothing is impossible/ there is life, there is power in His name!”

The overpowering “Everything In Me” speaks of giving God your all (“I will sing for You with everything that’s in me/ until my body’s broken), while the slower, piano-pop track “Overwhelmed” speaks of being overwhelmed by the presence of God and His goodness: “I’m overwhelmed by You/ Your sovereign majesty/ I’m captured in the passion of a holy King/ and I’ve been reconciled to the Son of peace/ I belong to You/ You belong to me.” Finally, “Broken For Love’s Sake” ends Tricia Brock’s The Road project, mostly led by acoustic guitar, speaking of being found by God: “When it gets hard, You go before me as a shield/ when it’s too late, You come behind Me and You heal/ Should my heart break/ when love’s the only way/ so be it, Lord/ May I be broken for love’s sake.” This peaceful track put a nice ending to The Road by Tricia Brock.

Tricia Brock’s The Road is a very solid solo project. Mostly what you will find on this project are powerful, upbeat worship songs, with a few slower ones scattered throughout. From the strong opener “Breath of God,” to the gorgeous radio single “You Are My Shepherd,” to the covers of “Jesus, I Am Resting” and “Always,” to the acoustic-guitar based ender “Broken For Love’s Sake,” Tricia Brock’s The Road project is a fabulous worship project and definitely one of the best worship projects of the year!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: June 7, 2011

Track listing:
1. Breath of God
2. Lean
3. You Are My Shepherd
4. You Hear
5. Jesus, I Am Resting
6. The Altar
7. Always
8. Impossible
9. Everything In Me
10. Overwhelmed
11. Broken For Love’s Sake


  1. Cool! I didn't know she had some solo stuff! Thanks for posting about it! But is she still with Superchic[k]?

  2. Yes, she still is with Superchic[k], but she said she has always felt led to lead worship, so now she's doing a solo project as well. :)

  3. Sounds like an interesting project. I'm not a huge contemporary worship fan, but your review is great!


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