Thursday, May 5, 2011

Remedy Drive: Light Makes a Way EP Review

Back in April of this year, Remedy Drive announced a major change in their band lineup: the three bothers (Daniel, Philip, and Paul Zach) would be leaving Remedy Drive to be replaced by three new members. With this new setup, the band released the Light Makes A Way EP, giving us a five-track sneak peak into the band’s new sound. But perhaps because the lead singer remains the same in this EP, Remedy Drive’s sound is still very similar and enjoyable, and gives the listener an EP that will be sure to get stuck on repeat.

The strong title track opens up the EP with a very enjoyable rock/piano mix that caught my attention easily. It speaks of how when there is darkness all around us, light will make a way to us: “When the darkness falls like rain and you are stuck in the fear that you can’t explain/ when you can’t take anymore/ light makes a way to you.” Very catchy, the title track is smoothly followed by “Hold On,” a track of encouragement to those who have broken lives, encouraging them to hold on through all the hard times in life.

“Don’t Wait Too Long,” made a highlight through its piano rock, speaks about never procrastinating, but making a change while we have the chance, and is followed by “Follow Me,” a prayer from the heart of a dad. “Follow Me” sings from a dad’s perspective of his son, who want to know all the answers to life’s tough questions, that a father cannot always give. But his prayer can be that one day his son will follow in his footsteps. This song slowed things down a bit, but was still very enjoyable, and transitioned into the ending track, “Disappear” very well. This ending track, not quite as slow as its preceding track, has a serene feel to it, and speaks of that day when all our tears will disappear in Heaven.

Remedy Drive’s five-song, twenty-minute EP Light Makes A Way opens a new chapter for the band. Fans of the band will in no way be disappointed by the new member lineup, as having the same lead singer and style makes this EP sound very similar to previous projects from the band. Say hello to the new Remedy Drive, and check out A Light Makes A Way EP, available on the band’s website!

Rating: 4/5

Track listing:
1. Light Makes A Way
2. Hold On
3. Don’t Wait Too Long
4. Follow Me
5. Disappear

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  1. Good review of the new EP from Remedy Drive. I heard the whole EP on Jesus Freak Hideout Listening Parties. I really liked the EP. It was a good EP from Remedy Drive.


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