Monday, May 16, 2011

Philmont: The Transition EP Review

After two successful albums on Forefront Records, Philmont again went independent, releasing the six-track The Transition EP. These punk/rock sounding songs, similar to what you might expect from Attaboy, Fireflight, or Stellar Kart, are full of an encouraging Christian messages that will leave you coming back for more.

The strong, grunge guitar track “I Am” opens Philmont’s latest EP, reminding us of who we are in Christ, no matter how we may feel. The slightly slower “You Will Remain” speaks of how only things of eternal lasting are important while we are here on this earth. The easy-to-remember lyrics of the chorus are very inspiring as well: “The burdens that we carry are all temporary/ photographs and memories will fade/ the storms we’re left to weather will not last forever/ when all is said and done You will remain.”

“The Alchemist” sounded like a mix of Fireflight grunge rock with Attaboy vocals, speaking of how there is no way to explain the unexplainable by using science. Although a bit difficult to decipher, the lyrics of this track were quite creative. “Ringing In My Head” speaks of the way that God’s Word calls us to Him so that we might find rest: “Your words keep ringing through my head/ calling me/ calling me/ I feel the weight of what You’ve said/ come to me/ come to me and You’ll find rest.” The rhythmic guitar act at the end of this track leads nicely into “Closer,” which seemed to be speaking of coming to closer to God. The upbeat punk/rock sound of this track was perfect for the lyrics of this track, especially the rhetoric: “I wanna live as if I’m dying/dying to get close to You.”

Philmont’s The Transition EP ends with “The Last Song,” a more acoustic and peaceful track, a love song written to Jesus: ”If this is the last song that I sing/ let it be honest/ let it be true/ if this is the last song that I sing/ I want it to say I love You/ I love You.” This beautiful track put a great end to Philmont’s latest EP.

After going independent again last year, Philmont’s The Transition EP promises that the guys still have more to say. This punk/rock EP was very enjoyable, comparable to Stellar Kart and Attaboy with a grunge rock twist that you might expect from Disciple or Fireflight.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: October 17, 2010

Track listing:
1. I Am
2. You Will Remain
3. The Alchemist
4. Ringing in My Head
5. Closer
6. Last Song I Sing


  1. Sounds like you really enjoyed this:)

  2. Sounds like a great record!

  3. Good EP review from Philmont I will have to check it out as soon as I can :)

  4. I have the EP. It's a regular on my playlist. AWESOME songs and band!


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