Saturday, May 14, 2011

Newsboys: Born Again-Miracles Edition

Following the success of their Born Again project, the Newsboys’ deliver a twenty-track deluxe album, Born Again: Miracles Edition. Featuring the radio hits “Born Again,” “Way Beyond Myself,” and “Miracles,” other original tracks, and several brand new tracks, Born Again: Miracles Edition is a must-have for Newsboys’ fans.

First beginning with the original twelve tracks on Born Again minus one plus another, this album is definitely worth the listen. The blockbuster radio hit and title track “Born Again” opens up the album, followed by the upbeat track “One Shot,” encouraging the listener to take chances, because you only have one shot. The disco-sounding “Way Beyond Myself” speaks of how God is more than enough for us, while “Save Your Life” stands out as a brand new track, taking the place of “Impossible” on the original Born Again project. This track speaks about surrendering to God, and will have the listener singing along in no time to these catchy lyrics: “There’s something better I can give/ if you surrender you will live/ just gotta taste it to see it’s good/ I’d make you see it if I could/ it’s gonna save your life.” This was an awesome brand new track, and definitely a standout on the Born Again: Miracles Edition project.

“When the Boys Light Up” follows, telling Newsboys' story of starting again, when it looked like they were done. “Build Us Back,” written by Mark Stuart after the earthquake in Haiti, is an amazing worship track, asking God to build us back when we’ve “been crumbled and crushed.” “Escape” and “Miracles” are  highlights of the second half of this album, “Escape” talking of breaking away from the enemy, and “Miracles” speaking of what Christ has done for us. “Running to You” is very worshipful, as “On Your Knees” tells the story of someone who learns that when we stay on our knees, Christ will be there. “Mighty to Save,” a Hillsong classic was covered well by Newsboys, and is followed by the dcTalk classic “Jesus Freak,” where we hear KJ-52 do a marvelous job at the raps.

For the new tracks on Born Again: Miracles Edition, Newsboys begins by covering “We Remember,” that also appeared on Know Hope Collectives’ debut project. Newsboys’ version was definitely more energetic though. “I’ll Be,” a track from the Born Again: Special Edition Preview that didn’t make it to Born Again, is next. Redone for this CD, this track reminds the listener that when all else fails, God is still there for us. The all-new “Give Me to You” was very worshipful, as a powerful song of surrender. We also hear “Glorious,” a Michael Tait cover of the radio single from In the Hands of God.

Following are four remixes for “Born Again,” “Miracles,” “Way Beyond Myself,” and “Mighty to Save.”  My personal favorite from these disco remixes was the awesome fan-created “Way Beyond Myself (Flatline Remix)" that will no doubt become a fan favorite as well. The “Mighty to Save (Family Force 5 Remix)” had a cool remix title, though I don’t think it sounded too much like Family Force Five music.

It is awesome to see the Michael Tait-fronted Newsboys back at it again with Born Again: Miracles Edition. I personally found the new tracks to be very enjoyable, especially “Save Your Live,” “Give Me to You,” and “We Remember.” Out of the remixes, however, “Way Beyond Myself (Flatline Remix)” was the only one that seriously caught my attention, although the others were not bad. Featuring eleven of the tracks on the original Born Again project plus five new tracks and four remixes, the Born Again: Miracles Edition is a must-have for Newsboys’ fans.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: April 5, 2011

Track listing:
1. Born Again
2. One Shot
3. Way Beyond Myself
4. Save Your Life
5. When the Boys Light Up
6. Build Us Back
7. Escape
8. Miracles
9. Running to You
10. On Your Knees
11. Mighty to Save
12. Jesus Freak
13. We Remember
14. I’ll Be
15. Give Me to You
16. Glorious
17. Born Again (French Horn Rebellion Remix)
18. Miracles (Mega Is a Gang Remix)
19. Way Beyond Myself (Flatline Remix)
20. Mighty to Save (Family Force 5 Remix)


  1. Good album review for Born Again Miralces Edition from Newsboys. I loved most of the songs on the album including the new songs which were Save Your Life, Give Me To You, and Glorious. I would say Way Beyond Myself (Flatline Mix) was the best remix. The rest of the remixes were ok but I didn't like like them at all. It was a good album just could have used better remixed songs. I am sure if tobyMac and his remix people did the remixes on this album it would have sounded real good. Just my thoughts.

  2. i really enjoy the newsboys' music, but their new lead singer doesn't act very Christlike. at their concert, he refused to give my friends and i high fives. he just acted like he was the stuff and a bag of chips, and i wasn't pleased at all :/ just my opinion, though.


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