Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kerrie Roberts: Outcast Music Video

Check out Kerrie Robert's brand new music for her most recent radio single "Outcast"!



  1. Great song, but I don't get what the point of the video is. I got the impression that it was all about her. But, it was a good song, nonetheless. :)

  2. @Mike - It kind of IS about her -- she's the one who's the outcast, but I do get what you mean... the video didn't seem to go along with the lyrics very well, but it was still cool, nonetheless! :)

    @Jay - I LOVE this song... Thanks for posting it! :)

  3. Good music video I like it a lot :)

  4. I saw a video where she explained the video. She said it was her first one ever, so we should deal with it if it didn't seem to have much of a point.

    Yeah, I agree. It did seem to be a spotlight on her, rather than anything else.


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