Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jake Hamilton: Freedom Calling Review

This spring, Jesus Culture guitarist Jake Hamilton returns with Freedom Calling, the anticipated follow-up to Marked by Heaven his debut project. Featuring eleven worship songs, three videos, as well as a thirty-minute interview with Jake, Freedom Calling is a CD/DVD full of rocky worship anthems.

The seven-minute “War Drums” opens up Freedom Calling with rock and even a bit of screamo. This worship/rock anthem was really enjoyable, and opened up into a part two, after a short intermission where Jake reads a passage from Isaiah chapter six. Next, the thirteen-minute “New Song” follows, based on Psalm 40, and contains some cool guitar work about halfway through the track. At this point, the chanting lyrics explode into a freedom song. “Supernatural Revolution” was the highlight of the record for me, full of grunge rock and rough vocals that encourage getting up and dancing along. Musically, it reminded me of “Tonight” from Kutless’ debut project.

“You,” another upbeat track speaks of all that Christ has done for us, and is very poetic, which was enjoyable. “Take It All,” takes a bit of a blues rock turn, in this powerful song of surrender. Near the end of the track, this song builds with gospel organ, as Jake chants the rhetoric: “It’s all about love”! Screamo fans will particularly enjoy this track. “It’s A Garden” is a prayer that we would have more of God’s presence in our life, and contains lyrics inspired from Revelation 21-22 about the river of life and the trees for the healing of the nations.

“Looking For One” leans on the slower side of things, and speaks of how God is looking for the one who will “stand in the gap and never look back,” one who will follow wherever He leads. The rap-like lyrics of the bridge were enjoyable as well. The rocker, “Breakout” was a definite a favorite from Freedom Calling, a very full and fun track speaking of defeating the devil. The guitar acts made this track extremely enjoyable, and one of the major highlights from this project.

The title track, a powerful contemporary track, celebrates the freedom that God has given us, and reminds us that “where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” About this track, I only thought that some of the fill-ins were rather annoying and took away from the awesomeness of this worship song. “Darker Before the Dawn” speaks of our deep desire to know Jesus Christ more, and how things always appear darkest right before the dawning of the morning. Freedom Calling ends with “Hallelujah,” a song of praise to God for all He has done for us.

Jake Hamilton’s second worship project Freedom Calling wasn’t my favorite live worship project of all times, but I really enjoyed hearing a rock/contemporary worship project from the Jesus Culture guitarist. I also enjoyed the chanting and screamo lyrics that made for a very unique worship project. Fans of Jesus Culture’s more upbeat work will definitely want to check this project out!

Rating: 3/5
Release date: June 7, 2011

1. War Drums
2. New Song
3. Supernatural Revolution
4. You
5. Take It All
6. It’s A Garden
7. Looking for One
8. Breakout
9. Freedom Calling
10.Darkest Before the Dawn

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  1. Good albu, review I will have to check out this album as soon as I can :)


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